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2011: History of Television: Honors Seminar (Spring, 2011)

2010: Perspectives on History (Fall, 2010)

2009: Perspectives on History (Spring, 2009)

2008: History of Television (Fall, 2008)

2007: The Informed Critic (Honors Seminar) (Spring, 2007)

2006:   Perspectives on History (Undergraduate, Spring, 2006); Perspectives on History (Fall, 2006)

2005:  Perspectives on History (Undergraduate, Fall, 2005);  American Popular Culture (Graduate, Spring, 2005)

2004:  Perspectives on History (Undergraduate, Fall, 2004); History of American Film I (Summer Session II, 2004); History of American Film II (Summer Session III, 2004)

2003:  History of Television (Summer Session II, 2003); Perspectives on History  (Undergraduate, Spring, 2003)

2002:  Perspectives on History  (Undergraduate, Fall, 2002);  The Birth of the Cinema (Graduate, Summer, 2002);  History of Television (Summer Session II, 2002)

2001:  American Popular Culture (Graduate, Fall, 2001);  Documentary Film:  History and Practice  (Summer Session III, 2001);  History of Spain w/trip (Spring, 2001) ; History of American Film, 1930 to the Present (Spring, 2001)

2000:  The Great Depression  (Spring, 2000);  The Musical from Broadway to Hollywood  (Liberal Studies)  (Fall, 2000)

George Gershwin [Liner notes, and musical selections]
(Smithsonian Institution, 1992)

Black Musical Theatre: From "Coontown" to "Dreamgirls"
(Louisiana State University Press, 1989; paperback, DaCapo, 1991)

Ethnic and Racial Images in American Film and Television
(Garland Press, 1987) (co-author)

Dictionary of the Black Theatre
(Greenwood Press, 1983)

A Functional Past: The Uses of History in Nineteenth Century Chile
(Louisiana State University Press, 1982)

The Hollywood Musical Goes to War
(Nelson-Hall, 1982)

Puerto Rican Historiography
(Gordon Press, 1979)

The Latin Image in American Film
(UCLA Latin
American Series, 1978; 2nd ed., 1981)

Songs from Hollywood Musical Comedies, 1927-1976
(Garland Press, 1976)

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