History of Television 525:112:02


Thursday, 1:30-4:20, Robeson 203

Professor Woll

awoll@camden.rutgers.edu or 225-6671

Office:  Robeson Library 298

Assigned books:

Barnouw, Tube of Plenty

Minow and LaMay, Abandoned in the Wasteland, Children, Television and the First Amendment

All students will be required to create a blog on Television History. For instructions, go here: http://bit.ly/ifYYr7

January 20

       VIDEO:  Empire of the Air I

“The Great Mashup of 2011”


January 27

Where Does Television Come From?-I

READINGS:  TOP, 1-2/ VIDEO:  Empire of the Air II

Listen to one hour of radio here

How do radio shows differ from television shows?  How are they similar?

February 3

Where Does Television Come From?-II

READINGS : TOP, 3/ VIDEO: Philo Farnsworth

For a review of a new book about Philo Farnsworth, click here


February 10

Berle, Lucy, and Molly (who?) and the Expansion of Television

Video:  Texaco Star Theater, I Love Lucy, The Goldbergs

For next week: (Watch the Robert Redford film Quiz Show (1994) prior to March 3 class.)

February 17

The Murrow Moment
       READINGS: TOP, 4  (Up to “Dynamic Duo”)

VIDEO: See It Now

Good Night and Good Luck clip

(the text of the speech is here)


February 24

Ethics of the Medium

        VIDEO: $64,000 Question

Charles Van Doren, "All the Answers"

A response by Stanley Fish: "None of the Answers"


March 3


March 10

TV and Politics
           VIDEO:  The Checkers Speech
           READINGS , TOP, 4 & 5

Check out:  The Living Room Candidate

 (Spring vacation: March 17)

March 24

Guest Lecture:  Television and Art:  Professor Elizabeth Demaray

READINGS:  Abandoned in the Wasteland will be discussed on the 31st.  Pay particular attention to Appendix 2.  (“The Wasteland Speeches”) next week’s class.

March 31

The Minow Experiment and the FCC


April 7

The Relevant 1970s
           VIDEO:  All in the Family
           READINGS: TOP, 6

April 14

The New Television Media

For a story on the first satellite and how it changed television, click here and listen.

April 21

Into the Future – The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the New Media Enterprises

Read "Who Owns What?" and prepare class report.



April 28

New Vistas in the 21st Century

Final Exam,

Grades: Midterm Exam--1/3

Final Exam--1/3


Absence Penalty: For every three absences, 10 points will be deducted from your final grade total.