Hello! A little bit about me here. I graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers back in '93 with a BA in English Literature, did a brief stint in graduate school at the University of Toronto before deciding that I didn't want to be a professor. Instead I ended up in academic administration. Presently I work at Rutgers Unversity, on the Camden Campus, specifically in the Summer Session Office, where I am the Coordinator of Summer Session, Winterim and Special Projects. I also taught a couple of times with the Fine Arts Dept. Additionally, I do freelance artwork, mostly illustration for fantasy, with some work appearing in gaming magazines and modules. For examples, see the artwork pages above. I've won some random awards along the way, including the L.Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future, and some SciFi and Gaming convention art awards, though I rarely get to them anymore. I also perform music semi-professionally as an individual and in various groups - see the music pages above for more information.

For fun I play in the SCA, specifically in the East Kingdom, in the Barony of Iron Bog where I'm known as Master Arden of Icombe. I hold a Laurel in that organization, which is their award for the arts (in my case, for music and musical performance). I perform music and dance, archery, occasionally fence and throw axes, and a variety of crafts ranging from leatherwork, woodwork and ivory to manuscript illumination. Beyond the SCA I partake of various role-playing games and CCGs, sometimes playtesting them, amass large collections of medieval and renaissance weapons and practice using them, and way too many musical instruments (see the Whiteraven page for more info). I am quite fond of anime (as pictures of my office would attest), with Ghost in the Shell SAC being my favorite, and have a growing collection of figurines. I have an interest in dinosaurs, particularly therapods, and various casts of bones and skulls fills the rest of my office. I also volunteer with my wife at the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, mostly feeding the hordes of fatally cute baby animals. I'm also a Joss Whedon fan, enjoy LoTRs, most fantasy and sci-fi stuff, and a variety of other activities as I've gotten to them, including bicycling, hiking, writing and such. But life all too often gets too busy to do it all!

Should you want to reach me, I can most easily be found at pbutler@camden.rutgers.edu Presently I live in Collingswood, New Jersey.

This is my wife of over sixteen years now, Stephanie Budin. She's an ancient historian (ancient Greece and Near East). Her first book is the Origin of Aphrodite which is available now. Her second book, The Ancient Greeks: New Perspectives was recently released as a paperback through Oxford University Press. Her third book on The Myth of Sacred Prostitution was published by Cambridge Univ. Press in 2009. Her fourth book, also by Cambridge Univ. Press, is Images of Woman and Child from the Bronze Age: Reconsidering Fertility, Maternity, and Gender in the Ancient World and was released in April of 2011. Her fifth book, part of the Intimate Lives series by ABC Clio, Intimate Lives of the Ancient Greeks was published in 2013. Her sixth book was just released on Artemis. The seventh book is a giant tome on Women in the Ancient World, and should be forthcoming next year. She's also done way too many articles and chapters in other books to cite here. She primarily researches ancient religion and culture, specializing in Women's Studies. She holds a red-sash in kung fu, occasionally does various fiber arts, gets into anime as well (being particularly fond of tachikoma), and enjoys vegan cooking (we're both vegetarians, though she is vegan). She has way too many books that cover more or less every inch of wall space that isn't occupied by medieval weapons (though to be fair, some of those weapons are hers).

Also living with me are a number of critters. At this point this includes a female zebra finch called Sif and a pair of house rabbits named Apricot and Peanut Butter Cup, known fondly as Peebs (Oni no Usagi) and Appy. Our former dwarf (though definitely not small) house rabbit named Serendipity Thistle Poopsalot, who also still has a personal webpage, passed away in June 2006.

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