Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
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Cardoso's MemoirsFernando Henrique Cardoso is an outstanding sociologist who served for eight years as President of Brazil, bringing fiscal stability and significant social progress.  Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is the current President of Brazil, formerly a labor leader and organizer of the Workers Party.  His government is building on the base left by Fernando Henrique Cardoso's government, and has aspirations to more further to the left. Cardoso's life work is an important case study in the relationship between social science theory and practice.  Lula da Silva's leadership is ongoing and is the focus of considerable controversy.  This WEB site provides convenient access to materials in English on Cardoso, Lula da Silva and Brazil.
Cardoso's memoirs were published in English by Public Affairs Books in March, 2006.  Available from Amazon.com for $16.98.  There is a
review by Ted Goertzel on InfoBrazil.com.  A Newsweek International Review is titled "Che Guevara in Tweed."  A review by Richard Lapper, Latin America Editor of the Financial Times review is titled "Real Politics". 

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Photo of Ted Goertzel, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Ruth Cardoso at the launching of the
Portuguese edition of Ted Goertzel's biography of Cardoso, Brasilia, 21 November 2002
Ted Goertzel, Fernando Henrique and Ruth Cardoso

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Do not be fooled by the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.  He wants to privatize public services.  The Federal Government’s Administrative Reform proposal will weaken the Brazilian State.  We will revive the public service with professional training for public servants and better use of the contributors’ money.  Only in this way will we have schools, hospitals, police services…  of good qualify for all. 
Wake up while there is still time, because the bite of the wolf is near!!!

Movement to Defend the Public Service
Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Public Service

Note:  this poster, collected from a wall in Florianopolis, reflects the insecurity public employees felt about Cardoso's attempted administrative reforms.  Ironically, the reforms, especially pension reform, have been accelerated by the Lula da Silva administration that the many of the public employee unions supported.