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Early Modern Image and Text Association


  DENVER, October 19-21 2006
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Keynote Address:  

Frederick De Armas, University of Chicago &  Emilie Bergmann, University of California, Berkeley



                                                 CALL FOR PAPERS

As Peter Burke has claimed, images should not be studied as simplistic reflections of the reality of the time. More often, these images represent viewpoints and they are a product of conscious manipulation.  The main reason for devoting so much attention to images is not that they are reflective of something else but they constitute events by themselves. In Burke's words, it is not only that all history involves representation, but that all representations are part of history.

The house of Habsburg showed like no other the linkage between the making of art and history. Under their patronage, both writers and artists exposed the inner tensions of a period ruled by ideological anxieties and excitement.

We invite participants to address the complexities of this visual history and literature. Presentations are allotted 20 minutes with additional time for question and response.

Please send individual paper abstracts of 250 words by May 15th  2006 to John Slater <> and Ana Laguna <>

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