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Ted Goertzel has retired as professor in the Sociology Department at Rutgers University in Camden, N.J. and is living in southeastern Ohio near Marietta. He is best reached by email at tedgoertzel@gmail.com.

Ted Goertzel will be teaching an course on
 Utopia, Dystopia and the Singularity
at the Institute for Learning in Retirement at Marietta College, beginning January 20, 2016.  To access the web site for the course, click on the link.

Presidential Leadership in the Americas since Independence
by Guy Burton and Ted Goertzel is now available for pre-order.  

On September 30, 2015, I presented  paper on Cybernetic Socialism and the Technological Singularity at the International Congress on Utopian Imaginaries in Madrid, Spain.  Click here to access the slides.

On March 6, 2016, I presented a paper called "Transformational Presidents and Quasi-Presidents of the Americas: A Comparative Analysis, " at the meetings of the Midwest Council of Latin American Studies in Philadelphia.  Click on the title link to see the slides from that presentation.  It is based on a book, Presidential Leadership in the Americas, co-authored with Guy Burton, which will be published by Lexington Books.

 The book The End of the Beginning: Life, Society and Economy on the Brink of the Singularity (edited by Ben and Ted Goertzel) has been released.  It is available on Amazon.com for $4.99 in Kindle Format, or $24.99 in paperback.  This is a bargain for a 738 page book, and the Kindle format is quite nice.  It has both essays and dialogues, many of which are quite readable, others are quite profound.  For an even greater bargain, you can download it for free in PDF format which is a little less convenient than Kindle because you can't link to specific chapters or change the font so easily.

Chapters in the book are the following.  Many chapters are followed by dialogue discussions:
(for lighter reading, I suggest chapters 2, 11 and 21)

1. Predicting the Age of Post-Human Intelligence, by Ted and Ben Goertzel
2. A Tale of Two Transitions by Robin Hanson

3. Longer Lives on the Brink of Global Population Contraction: A Report from 2040 by Max More

4. Implanting Post-Human Intelligence in Human Bodies by John Hewitt
5. The Singularity and the Methuselarity: Similarities and Differences by Aubrey de Grey
6. Robotics and AI: Impacts Felt on Every Aspect of Our Future World by Daryl Nazareth

7. Robotics, AI, the Luddite Fallacy and the Future of the Job Market by Wayne Radinsky
8. Moral Responsibility and Autonomous Machines by David Burke
9. Nine How Will the Artilect War Start? by Hugo de Garis
10. Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to Global Superintelligence by Francis Heylighen
11. A Day in 2060 By Clement Vidal
12. A World of Views: A World of Interacting Post-human Intelligences by Viktoras Veitas and David Weinbaum (Weaver)
13. Chinese Perspectives on the Approach to the Singularity by Mingyu Huang
14. Africa Today and the Shadow of the Coming Singularity by Hruy Tsegaye

15. The World's First Decentralized System for Financial and Legal Transaction by Chris Odom
16. Beyond Money: Offer Networks, a Potential Infrastructure for a Post-Money Economy by Ben Goertzel
17. Sousveillance and AGI by Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj
18. The Future of Human Nature by Ben Goertzel
19. Capitalism, Socialism, Singularitarianism by Ted Goertzel
20. Toward a Human-Friendly Post-Singularity World by Ben Goertzel
21. Looking Backward from 2100 by Ben Goertzel and Ted Goertzel

A full list of Ted Goertzel's publications, many of which can be downloaded from the WEB, can be found on his resume.


Here is a miscellaneous list of links to some of my papers.  :The list on my resume is more organized, but may not include a few of the more ephemeral things here.  I don't want to take this list down, even though it is messy, because some of them are linked from various web sites and search engines

Ted Goertzel, Ekaterina Shohat,Tulio Kahn, Andre
Zanetic,and Dmitriy Bogoyavlenskiy. Homicide Booms and Busts: A Small-N Comparative Historical Study. Please email me if you want a reprint of this article, or request it from Homicide Studies through your library.

"The Conspiracy Meme
," The Skeptical Inquirer, Volume 35/1, January/February 2011. 

The Lula Paradox.  Brazzil.com, January 2011. 

Conspiracy Theories in Science.  EMBO reports (European Molecular Biology Organization)..  June 2010.

"Capital Punishment and Homicide Rates:  Sociological Realities and Econometric Distortions,"  Critical Sociology 34(2):  239-254, 2008.

Militarism as a Social Problem

"There's a Place for All Kinds of Socialists at Brazil's Power Table," Brazzil Magazine, January 20, 2008.  http://www.brazzil.com/content/view/10031/1/.

" Genoino's Path from Guerrilla to Socialist Lite in Brazil's Congress,"  Brazzil Magazine, November 14, 2007.  http://www.brazzil.com/content/view/9998/1/.

"Observations on Antioch," The Record, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, November 9, 2007, p. 9.  http://recordonline.org.

Corruption, Leadership and Development in Latin America," from Psicologia Politica, Valencia, Spain.  (pdf format)
Also available: "Betrayal of a Flawed Vision:  Corruption in Brazil's Workers Party Government", by Ted Goertzel.  On InfoBrazil.  Email me if you would like a copy with complete endnotes. 

The Psychobiography of Argentine Politicians

Review Essay in Political Sociology reviewing  Peter Marden, The Decline of Politics; Amitai Etzioni, From Empire to Community; Irving Louis Horowitz, ed., Civil Society and Class Politics:  Essays on the Political Sociology of Seymour Martin Lipset; and Jack Goldstone, ed., States, Parties, and Social Movements.  In the Journal of Political and Military Sociology, Volume 32, No 2, Winter 2004, pp. 277-281.

Militarism as a Social Problem.
Two Committed People Find Enrichment in the [Quaker Clearness Committee] Process
Noam Chomsky and the Political Psychology of Anti-Imperialism
Ralph Nader;  Portrait of a Puritannical Perfectionist.
Photographs of the Life of Lula da Silva (powerpoint)

Myths of Murder and Multiple Regression:  Econometrics as Junk Science, published in The Skeptical Inquirer, Vol 26, No. 1, January/February 2002, pp 19-23.  This paper discusses the effect of "shall issue" gun control legislation, the death penalty, abortion and imprisonment on homicide rates.  A longer version with tables is available here. Spanish translation as "El Modelo Econometrico Como Ciencia Basura," in Psicologia Politica, No 24 (Valencia, Spain).  Danish translation: Myter om mord og multipel regression.  
The World Trade Center Bombing as a Fourth Generational Turning Point .  Slovenian translation:  World Trade Center bombardiranje kot četrti generacijske prelomnico

9/11 as a Turning Point in History (power point presentation at the World Future Society, July 20, 2002)."September 11, 2001:  A Turning Point for America's Future" on the World Future Society home page.
Terrorist Beliefs and Terrorist Lives
Why Brazil Isn't Argentina.
Viable Utopia:  Fernando Henrique's Sociological Theory and Practice (power point presentation)
There's Something About South Jersey (suburban "sprawl" and development).
Review of Bin Laden:  Behind the Mask of the Terrorist by Adam Robinson, from Clio's Psyche, March 2002.   Romanian Translation by Alexandra Seremina,  courtesy of Azoft.com  Ukrainian translation provided by Dmutro Nechuporyk
Public Opinion Concerning Sprawl and Smart Growth in Southern New Jersey
The "Fathers of Sociology":  Personal Troubles and Public Issues
in the lives of Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber and Karl Marx
 Theoretical Models in Political Sociology (edited from an out-of-print textbook).
Probing Linus Pauling's Personality with the Rorschach Ink Blot Test.
Analyzing Linus Pauling's Personality, Oregon State University Libraries, 1996.
Albert Szymanski:  A Personal and Political Memoir, Critical Sociology, 1988.
"Foundations of Radical Sociology," by Albert Szymanski and Ted Goertzel, 1979.
My Trip to Moscow, Soviet-American Review, 1989.
My Internet Alter-Ego, Clio's Psyche, 1999.
Belief in Conspiracy Theories, Political Psychology, 1994.
Measuring the Prevalence of False Memories:
 A New Interpretation of a UFO Abduction Survey, Skeptical Inquirer, 1994.
Измерение распространенности ложных воспоминаний: Новая интерпретация "Исследование похищений НЛО
The Myth of the Bell Curve, Humanity & Society, 1981.
The Gulf War as a Mental Disorder?:  A Statistical Test of DeMause's Hypothesis, Political Psychology, 1993
(a content analysis study of editorial cartoons)
Confessions of a Turncoat and Remembrance of a True Believer (1982)
President Cardoso Reflects on Brazil and Sociology (1995)
Pragmatism vs. Nationalism in Fernando Henrique Cardoso's Brazil (2000)
The Politics of Welfare Reform in New Jersey (1995)
Some notes on Quaker beliefs.
Generational Cycles in Mass Psychology:  Implications for the George W. Bush Administration.

Penn Goertzel, Ted's youngest brother, died on August 18, 2001.  Victor Goertzel, Ted father, died on May 23, 1999.  Victor Goertzel's obituary is available here. Mildred George Goertzel, Ted's mother, died on January 21, 2000.  An obituary is available here.