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Code for Quadrilateral Mesh Generation

Our algorithm for constrained quadrilateral mesh generation has been implemented. Downloadable code, called CQMesh, can be found here. The code was developed (and is maintained, as time permits) by Marcelo Siqueira, one of the co-authors of this work.

Here's a video (a little over 6 minutes) of our quad-tree based meshing algorithm to construct quadrilateral meshes with bounded angles (this paper). Presented at SoCG '09.

Code to construct convex quadrilateral meshes for simple polygonal regions, possibly with holes, is available here. This quad mesh generation code, called RMesh, implements an adaptation of our algorithm to convert triangulations to quadrangulations. This project was carried out by Ryan Bowman, a Computer Science undergraduate who graduated from Rutgers-Camden in 2004.

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