Michael Wogan, Ph.D., J.D.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology
Rutgers University
Camden, N.J. 08102


Research Interests:

Most recently, I have been working on a project to measure eye movements as an indication of personality preferences.

After working with the eye movement monitor for a couple of years, I revised the manual to make it easier to use.

I am working on a project  to distinguish the DSM-IV Antisocial  Personality Disorder from Psychopathy. The project is described in the first paper in the list of publications.

A list of publications gives an idea of some of my other interests.  This link will take you to my  introduction to Patent Law.  Chapters 2 through 10  are accessed from the links provided in the first chapter. 
Teaching Interests:

I have taught a variety of courses, including Theories of Personality, Intro to Clinical Psychology, Hypnosis, Group Processes, and Tests and Measures.

Before I retired, I enjoyed teaching Statistics, Supervised Individual Field Work placements, and Psychology and Law.

I continue to work with students on a limited basis doing independent research projects.

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 Contact Me:

Office: Camden campus, Armitage Hall, Room 342
Phone: 856.225.6089
Secretary: 856.225.6520
e-mail: mwogan@camden.rutgers.edu


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