H. Right Around Morning Sunrise
           (5/3/09) R09

H. Minute after a Rainy Sunset
           (6/11/11) R10

        H. Standard's Bands
        sport GS (7/6/11) R10

           H. Aurora's Glow
       sport GS (7/11/12) R12

        H. Dubious Behavior
         sport HP (5/8/12) R12

        H. Dusty Moon
           (7/6/11) R12

          H. Orange Rose
       sport GR (5/3/12) R12

        H. Take the Green Path
            (7/1/11) R12

    H. Trisha's Sunny Paradise
           (6/19/12) R12

               H. Jezebel
        sport St (5/4/12) R13

                 H. Lottie
        sport HP (5/17/12) R13

                  H. Bri-Sun
   seedling (?DG) (5/12/14) R15

         H. Bella Noche
     sport St (7/27/12) R15

         H. Miss Shamim AW
    seed MA (7/26/2015) R15

    sport of Academy Fire
          FO (8/10/11)

    sport of American Icon
          CL (7/16/12)

    sport of American Icon
          CR (8/2/12)

    sport of Color Parade
          FoL (5/7/12)

    sport of First Frost
          GoF (4/27/12)

  sport of Frances Williams
          nn (5/3/11)

    sport of Gold Standard
          SiM (8/17/12)

    sport of Gold Standard
           Var G  AB (5/7/11)

    sport of Gold Standard
           Var J   nn (7/11/12)

    sport of Hanky Panky
           nn (7/17/12)

    sport of Independence
           MSE (7/2/11)

      sport of June Fever
          nn (5/13/13)

sport of Night before Christmas
           nn (5/4/12)

      sport of Striptease
           GG (5/30/11)

       sport of Striptease
            nn (G) (4/28/13)

       sport of Striptease AW
         like SE nn (5/17/13)

        sport of Striptease
          streaky nn (5/18/13)

    sport of Sum and Substance
          "Romulus" (7/15/12)

    sport of Sum and Substance
          nn (7/11/11)

    sport of Twilight
          nn (6/13/11)

    sport of Ginko Craig
          nm GS (5/7/12)

    sport of Halcyon AW
          nm J (5/23/10)

    sport of Ice Age Trail
          nm BD (5/25/11)

    sport of Royal Tiara
          nm PGh (8/7/11)

        streaked Blue Kiwi
           nn (5/15/2014)

             AWS #102 V-8 AW
     Mr Frosted (5/21/2015)

         'Droopy' (5/10/2015)

      AWS Miss Angie Q1-A AW
       Miss Selene (8/5/2015)

     Gold Standard sport
  'Platinum Status' (8/14/2015)

       'Xiangliu' (8/24/2015)

      Very Dark (10/8/2015)

        Striptease sport
           FF (5/20/2016)

         AWS Miss Angie Q2-A
      Miss Miranda (5/15/2015)

    AWS Smokey seedling? 12

      seedling 'Roger's Edge
         AW/RS (5/10/2016)

              BaBr weedling
   "Frosted Brook" (6/30/2017)

                 StGl sport
         "Moselle" (5/22/2017)

         big yellow weedling
              nn (6/18/2017)

  white-center Striptease sport
       "Georgiana" (6/1/2017)

      sport of AWS MsAng Q1-C
  "Miss Avery-Rose" (6/18/2017)