Curriculum Vitae
Charles E. Jarrett

Department of Philosophy & Religion
Rutgers University
Camden, N.J. 08102


Ph.D.   Philosophy University of California at Berkeley    1974
M.A.    Philosophy University of California at Berkeley    1973
B.A.     Philosophy University of Florida                           1970

Teaching Experience

Associate Professor of Philosophy     Rutgers University, Camden             1983-2012
Assistant Professor  of Philosophy     Rutgers University, Camden             1977-1983
Assistant Professor  of Philosophy     University of Alberta (Canada)         1975-1977
Teaching Assistant                            University of California (Berkeley)   1972-1975


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Unpublished Works and Works in Progress

A Short Treatise on Explanation and Justification
Introductory Logic
Spinoza’s Philosophy of Mind
Legal Reasoning and Truth
The Philosophy of Spinoza

“Modal Logic”
“Spinoza’s Doctrine of a Universal Conatus”
“On Godel, God, and Spinoza”

Conference Presentations


"Spinozistic Constructivism," The Ethics of Spinoza's Ethics, Texas A&M University,
         College Station, Texas, September 30 - October 1, 2011.
"Spinoza on Teleology, Value, and the Unity of the Mind," Topics in Early Modern
        Philosophy of Mind, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
        November 3-5, 2006.
“Spinoza’s Doctrine of a Universal Conatus,” Force and Will in 17th Century
        Metaphysics,” University of Turku, Turku, Finland, August 12-14, 1999.
“Spinoza’s Distinction between Essence and Existence,” University of Turku, Turku,
         Finland, August 16, 1999.
“Spinoza’s Distinction between Essence and Existence,” Ethica V: Love, Knowledge &
        Beatitude, The Jerusalem Spinoza Institute, Jerusalem, June 15-21, 1999.
“Teleology and Spinoza’s Doctrine of Final Causes,” Ethica III: Spinoza as
        Psychologist, The Jerusalem Spinoza Institute, Jerusalem, 1991.
“The Development of Spinoza’s Conception of Immortality,” Convegno
        Internazionale sul Breve Trattato di Spinoza, L’Aquila, Italy, October 20-23, 1987.
“Comments on Joel Friedman’s Paper,” A.P.A. (Eastern Division), 1984
“On Substance and Modes in Spinoza,” Spinoza Colloquium, UC Santa Cruz, 1978.
“Spinoza’s Ontological Argument,” A.P.A. Eastern Division, 1975


Three Lectures on Spinoza, 1992, Turku, Finland.
“Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing,” for nursing students in “Issues in Nursing,”
     Department of Nursing, Rutgers University, Camden, N.J. Spring, 1981 and Fall, 1987.
“Ethics in Nursing,” for the nursing staff of the Intensive Care and Coronary Care
      Units, Cooper Medical Center, Camden, N.J. 1981.
Eight Lectures on Ethics (Various), for the Rutgers Premedical Club, Rutgers
      Graduate Sociology Courses, and the Helene Fuld School of Nursing. 1981-1991


Additional Conferences

A.P.A. (Eastern Division), 1975-77, 1979-82, 1984, 1995, 2010
Workshop for College Professors on the Teaching of Applied and Professional.Ethics, 1985.
A.P.A. (Western Division), 1976.
A.P.A. (Pacific Division), 1975.
N.J. Regional Philosophical Association (moderator), 1978.
Spinoza Conference, N.Y., 1978. Columbia University.

Courses Taught
Introduction to Logic
Intermediate Logic
Advanced Logic
17th Century Philosophy (undergraduate)
17th Century Philosophy (Graduate Liberal Studies)
Philosophy from Kant to Russell
Ethical Issues in the Health Professions
Modern Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind
Minds and Bodies (Honors College)
Introduction to Philosophy
Problems of Identity
Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy of Spinoza
History of Philosophy II (Modern)
18th Century Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Science

Honors, Grants, and Fellowships

Rutgers F.A.S.P. Leave, Spring, 2011
Rutgers F.A.S.P Leave, Fall, 2007
Rutgers F.A.S.P. Leave, Spring, 1995 and Spring, 1996
Fellowship in Law and Philosophy, 1983-1984, Harvard University.
Rutgers Competitive Fellowship Leave, 1983-1984.
Rutgers F.A.S.P. Leave, Fall, 1981.
NEH Summer Stipend, 1979
Rutgers Foundation Summer Stipend, 1978
Dean's Fellowship, 1974, University of California, Berkeley.
Phi Kappa Phi, 1969, University of Florida.


American Philosophical Association (A.P.A.), 1974-
North American Spinoza Association, 1991-
L'Association des Amis de Spinoza, 1989 -
Vereniging het Spinozahuis, 1989 -
Seminario Spinoza, 1990 -

Editorial Boards

Consulting Editor, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 1977-1993.
Co-editor, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Supplementary Volume, 1977:
             New Essays in Rationalism and Empiricism.

University and Community Service

President, FAS Faculty Senate, 2005-7.
President’s Faculty Advisory Committee, Spring 2007. 
Undergraduate Student Learning Assessment Advisory Committee. Spring 2007
Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religion, 1998-2001, 2008 (Spring)-2010.
Faculty Advisor, The Rutgers-Camden Philosophy Society, 1998-2010.
Author, Departmental Course Guides, 1998-2002. 
Principal Author, Departmental Web Page, 1998-2010.
Author, Departmental Rules and Policies, 1998.
Faculty Senate, 1992-2002, 2011-12.
Committee on Review, 1994-1996.
Chairperson, Rutgers University Philosophy Section, 1985-1988.
Scholastic Standing Committee, 2001-2002,1991-1993, 1986-1988 (Chairperson), 1985-1986,
1982-1983, 1980-1981, 1977-1979.
Faculty Life Committee, 2001-2002, 2000-2001 (Chairperson), 1998-2000, 2011-12.
Admissions Committee, 1981-1982.
Animal Research Committee, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey -
        SOM, 1985-1988.