1) Randomization in algorithms: some thoughts

2) S-T connectivity in O(log(n)) space and random walks

3) Introduction to Combinatorial Auctions

4) The optimal FRT randomized tree. Courtesy of Surrender Baswana I wish to thank him for his nice slides.

5) Algorithm: a presentation for the layman. Some slides are due to Samir Khuller

6) A simple O(log n) approximated for undirected multicut

7)A simple explanation of the GW primal-dual for Steiner Forest

8) A very simple explanaton Dual-fitting of Lovats for Set Cover

9) Exact algorithm for the Assignment Problem by iterative rounding

10) Exact algorithm for matching and Vertex cover on Bipartite graph by iterative rounding

11) Directed Multicut approximation

14) A simple charging scheme for the algorithm of Jain for Steiner Network

15) A simple explanation of the Positive Semi-Definite approximation for Max-Cut