Short Talks

1) Greedy approximation for the Group Steiner tree problem

2) Polylogarithmic Inapproximability of Radio Broadcast

3) Shallow-light k-trees and k-trees for buy at bulk

4) Complete partitions of graphs

5) Finding graphs with maximum number of edges with girth at least g

6) Robust network design with exponential number of scenarios

7) Approximating some network-design problems with node costs

8) Tight approximation Algorithms for connectivity Augmentation problems.

9)Fault tolerant Group Steiner problems.

10) Approximating some network design problems with degree bounds

11) On Set Expansion problems

12) Power optimization for connectivity problems

13) Approximating Source Location and Star SNDP

14) Low Risk Kidney Exchange

15) Integrality gaps for the tree augmentation problem

17) Bounded Degree Group Steiner Problems

Long Talks

1) Approximation algorithm for non-uniform multicommodity buy at bulk

2) Multicoloring bounded tree width graphs and planar graphs

3) Approximating the directed version of the Steiner forest problem

4) Increasing the connectivity of a graph from 1 to 2

5) On the Achromatic number problem.

6) The Matroid Secretary problem

7) What did I learn on cut expansion and density problems?

8) On the advantage of overlap for clustering

9) Comparing min cost and min power connectivity problems

10) Approximating Steiner k-Forest and Non preemptive Dial a Ride with almost uniform weights

11) The interesting behavior of the Source Location problem

12) Tight running times for exact solutions and approximation algorithms

13) When do weights matter in approximation algorithms?

14)Using fixed parameter tractable tie or sub exponential time to get better ratios

15) Improved power covering problems via IRR

16) Approximating Facility Location and Edge Activation problems

Survey Talks

1) Multicoloring: problems and techniques

2) Rare Approximation Ratios

3) Survey On Connectivity via Survey of techniques

4) An undated survey on the Group Steiner Problem In graphs

5) A survey on approximating graph spanners

6) A survey on approximating graph spanners by Mike Dinitz

7) A survey on the Tree Augmentation problem

8) A survey on the Directed Steiner problem

8) A survey on Treewidth, Planar graphs, and Fixed Parameter Tractability