Latin America:  Yesterday and TodayContemporary Latin America
                                Summer 2006
                         Instructor:  Ted Goertzel
Class Notes:

An introduction to the fascinating and diverse region that stretches from the Mexican border to the tip of Tierra del Fuego. Society and culture of the Latin American countries. Literature, art, music, sports, economics and politics. Racial and ethnic relations. Terrorism and the drug trade. Latin American films will be shown and discussed.

This course can be counted towards the Sociology major or the Criminal Justice Major (for the multicultural or non-western requirement).  It also counts toward the minor in Latin American Studies.  Registration is through the Summer School, the course is listed under  foreign language departments.  .
Special Topics in Latin American Studies: Latin America Yesterday and Today (Cr.3)
50:590:291:Sec.A1:83879 Arm 207
5/30-6/22 M,Tu,W,Th 8:00AM-10:40AM
We will meet from 8 to 10:40 a.m., Monday through Thursday.  It is important to attend regularly, in part because we will make extensive use of visuaFHC Memoirsl media, including video and films, and these may not be available for students who  miss a class.   The core textbook will be Ronaldo Munck's Contemporary Latin America.  We will also read Fernando Henrique Cardoso's The Accidental President of Brazil, an insightful and entertaining memoir.  Some additional readings will be posted on the Internet or distributed in class.

Grading will be based on class participation, quizzes and a final examination.   Students may earn extra credit by preparing a presentation for the class on an approved topic.

The following schedule may be revised, depending in part on the interests of the students in the class.  For information on the films, see Video for the Latin American Studies Course.   Please try to do as much of the reading as possible before each class to facilitate discussion.  I realize this may not be possible the first week unless I am able to contact you by email in advance.

Tuesday, May 30:

    Lecture and slide pesentation.Tinguindin
     Video:  Central Station

Wednesday, May 31  -  Historical Overview
    Reading:  Munck, pages 1-42;   Cardoso, pages 1-55.
    VideoCentral Station;

Thursday June 1   -  Corruption, Leadership, and Development
     Reading:  Cardoso, 57-102.
    VideoHugo Chavez and the New Latin America;

Monday June 5 -  Political Economy
    Discussion of the  readings assigned for May 30-June 1.  Be prepared to answer the study questions listed in the class notes for June 5.
    Reading:  Munck, 43-61; Cardoso, 179-201, "The Populist at the Border"
Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Liberty for Latin America
Tuesday  June 6  -  Politics and Governance
    Reading:  Munck, 62-81;  Cardoso 103-178

    Video: Maria Full of Grace.   Fernando Henrique Cardoso, "Reflections and Lessons from a Decade of Social and Economic Reforms"
Madres de la Plaza de Mayo
Wednesday June 7 - Social Movements
    Reading:  Munck, 101-120
    VideoHope Will Win Over Fear

Thursday June 8 - Social Classes and Inequality
    Reading:  Munck, 82-85, 95-100; 
  VideoExcerpts from Four Days in September;

Monday June 12  -  Race and Ethnic Relations
    First Midterm Quiz
    Reading:  Munck, 86-90; 
    VideoThe Last Zapatista;  Excerpts from Quilombro and 
Madame Satã;  Mayan Mystery.

Tuesday  June 13 -  Literature
    Reading:  Munck, 130-133;  Nobel Prize speeches by Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Octavio Paz
    Video: Pable Neruda ¡Presente!
Wednesday June 14 - Art and Tourism. 
    Reading:  Hayden Herrera, "José Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera: The Murals
Review of The Naked Tourist.Orozco, Hispano America
Videos:   Rufino Tamayo:  The Sources of His Art; The Life and Death of Frida Kahlo, The Frescoes of Diego Rivera.  Mexico Travel  Video

Thursday June 15 - Music
  and Popular Culture
    Reading:  Munck, Chapter 7.
Videos: excerpts from Black Orpheus;  Caetano Veloso, Noites do Norte;  Carmen Miranda:  Bananas is My Business.  Quilapayun at concert for Michelle Bachelet

Monday June 19 -  
Second Midterm:  On the Entire Cardoso Book.    Review questions online.  
For the rest of the hour, we will discuss the book.  Futebol:  The Brazilian Way of LifeCapoeirista Itapua Beiramar

Tuesday  June 20  -  We will focus on Mexico.  Read the material on Mexico in the Munck book (check the index) and
the entry on Mexico in Wikipedia.

Futebol:  The Brazilian Way of LifeCapoeirista Itapua Beiramar
Wednesday June21   
Future visions for Latin America.  REVIEW for FINAL
Roberto Abdenur, speech to World Affairs Council, May 3, 2006

Thursday, June 22,  FINAL EXAM

Operarios by Tarsila do Amaral