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For students who want to have advise from me (the undergraduate program coordinator), please be free to send me email so that I may resolve the issue(s) promptly or further talk with the student in person.

spring 2016
  • 50:198:111 Programming Fundamentals--Python, a language easy to begin with

  • Modelling and analysis of biological network by stochastic calculus

    Some recent publications:
  • A stochastic mechanism for signal propagation in the brain: force of rapid random fluctuations in membrane potentials of individual neurons, Journal of Theoretical Biology Vol. 389 pp. 225-236. 2016 (co-authors: Shushuang Man, Joseph V. Martin) (pdf) A layman summary of this article was invited and published at Atlas of Science (pdf)
  • A wavelet-based almost sure uniform approximation of fractional Brownian motion with a parallel algorithm, Journal of Applied Probability Vol. 51 pp. 1-18. 2014 (co-authors: Shushuang Man, Jean-Camille Birget, Desmond Lun) (pdf)
  • A computational model for signaling pathways in bounded small-world networks corresponding to brain size, Neurocomputing Vol. 24 pp. 3793-3799. 2011 (co-authors: Shushuang Man, Michael A. Palis, Joseph V. Martin) (pdf)
  • Signal propagation in small-world biological networks with weak noise, Journal of Theoretical Biology Vol. 262 pp. 370-380. January 2010. (Co-author: Shushuang Man) (pdf)