Research on Colorblindness and Color-deficient Vision

    It is likely that persons with color deficient vision are at a disadvantage in their roles as consumers.  Their success in the marketplace is often related to their abilities to see, to recognize, and to discriminate among colors. For them, color cues simply may not be processed and interpreted as intended by manufacturers, retailers, advertisers, and web-designers. It is difficult to describe the problems that are unique to persons with color vision deficiencies without actually getting their input and comparing it to the input of persons with normal color vision. It is also possible that women have different experiences than men when interpreting color.

    The link below takes you to an online survey that is designed to gather the responses of both groups of people - persons with color vision deficiencies and persons with normal color vision. It is an easy to complete on-line format that allows you to input your responses directly on the computer. Won't you take a few minutes to participate?  Could you recommend this site to others who may be interested?
Color Blindness Study Description - Data Collection is Completed at this time.

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Publications and Manuscripts In-press

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