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    Over twenty years of papers have been presented at ACRA Conferences.  Paper abstracts are organized by topical areas.  If desired, full papers are available.

Growth of Big Box Stores and Power Centers:  Why are so many big box stores entering local markets?  What is the draw of "Power Centers"?

Demise of Enclosed Shopping Malls?  Are the days of enclosed malls over? Have they seen the end of their profitability?

Recent Articles in the Press:

Before the malls, retail was rooted in downtown shopping By WILLIAM H. SOKOLIC, Courier-Post Staff

Sources of Information on Retailing and E-Commerce

1.  Library:
a. Business and Industry Database on the RU Library Web site
b. Dow Jones Interactive: This is a premier source linking you to the Wall Street Journal (domestic and international editions), the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others. You should use this daily for all your classes.
c. ABI-Inform

2. The Journal of Interactive Marketing, available through journals online:

3.  eLab at Vanderbilt

4. E-Commerce Times:

5. Nua internet:  This is one of the most informative about global media habits and use:

6. National Retail Federation:
NRF and its Internet retailing initiatives recently combined with, the leading trade association for online retailers

7. International Council of Shopping Centers:

8. Comprehensive Marketing Site:
Retail section:
Internet Marketing section:

9.  Paco Underhill's Corporation Envirosell:

10.  Vischeck Color Blindness Indicator: