Behavioral and Experimental Economists of the Mid-Atlantic (BEEMA)


About: BEEMA is a group of behavioral and experimental economists, primarily located in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

BEEMA affiliates organize seminars in order to discuss current research and to stimulate new research.


          BEEMA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Mellon Foundation and SABE/IAREP/ICABEEP                                          




Rimvydas Baltaduonis

Gettysburg College


Syon Bhanot (Vice President 2018-19)

Swarthmore College


Caleb Cox

Virginia Commonwealth University


Utteeyo Dasgupta

Wagner College


Daniel Fragiadakis (President 2018-19)

Villanova University


Joaquín Gómez-Miñambres

Lafayette College


Rudolph Henkel

Ursinus College


Ebru Işgın

West Chester University


Judd Kessler

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


Ernest Lai

Lehigh University


Andrea La Nauze

University of Pittsburgh


Marta Maras

Gettysburg College


Katy Milkman

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)


David Owens (Treasurer)

Haverford College


Hyeon Park

Manhattan College


Anne Preston

Haverford College


Alex Rees-Jones

Cornell University


John Smith (Webmaster)

Rutgers University-Camden


At-large Affiliates:


Ellen Green

Arizona State University


Jonathan Lafky

Carleton College


William Neilson

University of Tennessee, Knoxville




Future Event:

BEEMA6 coming in 2020 or 2021

Past Events:

October 4-5, 2019       Villanova Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEEMA5 or BEEMAV) Photo

October 14, 2017        Swarthmore Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEEMA4)

October 3, 2015          Third Haverford Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEEMA3)

June 7, 2014                Second Haverford Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEEMA2) Photo

August 24, 2013          Haverford Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEEMA1) Photo

May 11, 2013              David Owens, Jonathan Lafky, Utteeyo Dasgupta, Quazi Shahriar, and John Smith


March 7, 2013             David Owens


November 8, 2012      General Meeting


August 30, 2012          David Owens


June 14, 2012              John Smith


May 22, 2012             Jonathan Lafky


March 31, 2012           Utteeyo Dasgupta


February 10, 2012       Founding Meeting at Mixto Restaurante, Philadelphia PA


Past Officers:


Syon Bhanot, President 2017-18

Hyeon Park, Vice President 2017-18


Ebru Işgın, President, 2016-17

Ernest Lai, Vice President, 2016-17


Jonathan Lafky, President, 2015-16

Marta Maras, Vice President, 2015-16