Robert C. Evans
Associate Professor of Botany
210 Science Building
Biology Department, Rutgers University
Camden, NJ 08102
856-225-6338(voice); 856-225-6312 (fax)


BA, Anthropology, Dartmouth College
MS. Botany (Plant Physiology), Ohio State University
Ph.D. Botany (Fungal Physiology), Ohio State University

Interests: Science education, asynchronous distance learning, pollen grain germination and pollen tube growth, fungal spore germination and germ tube growth

Courses recently taught
General Biology I (120:101)
General Biology II (120:102)
Facts of Life (120:105)
Basic Botany (120:201)
Developmental Botany (120:310, 311)
Plant Physiology (120: 366, 367)


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