Welcome to the Music Page! Here you will find lots of sheet music and information about the music groups to which I belong.

First, I have three separate musical identities, so to speak.

is my personal musical performance. A schedule of where you can find me performing is also listed here. FIRST ALBUM, OF DYVERSE MYNSTRALSYE, NOW AVAILABLE!
is a small band of three members that plays Celtic and folk music. We play at local venues such as coffee houses, folk concerts, renaissance faires, and the like.
was a small band of four members that plays renaissance and folk music. Their CD is still available from CD Baby but the band is otherwise defunct.
is the SCA band which I musically direct and variously manage. Ranges in size from about six or so to as large as twelve or thirteen. Plays Renaissance dance music at SCA events. Most of the sheet music on this page is for this group.


Below is a listing of sheet music, mostly medieval, renaissance and folk. The first large pile is dance music geared mostly toward the SCA. The second pile is performance music, for solo or group. The third set is folk and miscellaneous bits that I've gathered over the years and felt able to put up here. Except where specifically noted, this music generally holds no copyright for the basic melodies (as most are historical or traditional), and may be performed freely. If you are specifically using my arrangements for professional performance or recording (ie, something you are getting money for), I would ask that recognition be noted, but I'm not after royalties.

There has been a couple of requests as to where to start with this list (now over 100 pieces). So immediately below are the 10 most common played pieces, that should give you a decent start if you are looking to jump in.

All in a Garden GreenEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
AmorosoItalian, 15th cent. PCB arrangement.
AnelloItalian, by Domenico da Piacenzo, c.1460 PCB arrangement.
Aridan BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Ballo del FioreItalian, Fabritio Caroso 16th cent. PCB arrangement.
Battle PavaneAlso known as Fickle Ladies. English 16th Cent. PCB Arrangement.
Bella GiosioItalian, Fabritio Caroso 16th cent. Arrangement derived from historical lute tablature.
Belle Qui tiens ma vieArbeau, French 1589. Arbeau's arrangement.
BelriguardoItalian, 15th cent. PCB arrangement.
Black AlmainEnglish, 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Black NagEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
BoatmanEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Bobbing JoeEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
BuffensArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement for cornamusen.
Bonny Bonny BroomEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Burgundian BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Califian Bransle (Maltese/Shiarazula)Pierre Phalese 1571 PCB arrangement.
Candlestick(Torch) BransleArbeau, French 1589 (also J.d'Estree 1559). PCB arrangement.
Cantiga 119Spanish 13th Cent. Arrangement after Wolgemut, using in SCA only.
Cassandra BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Charlotte BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
ChestnutEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Clog BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
ConfesseEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Contrapasso en Due (Contrapasso Nuovo)variant on Contrapasso Nuovo by Caroso Ital. 16th PCB arrangement.
Corelli's MaggotModern English Country, written Cathy & John Miller, 1993. PCB arrangement.
Cuckolds All a RowEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
DargassonEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Dick's MaggotEnglish Country, Playford 1701 PCB arrangement.
Double BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Duke of Kent's WaltzEnglish Waltz, ca. 1802. PCB arrangement.
Dull Sir JohnEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Earl of Essex MeasureInns of Court, English 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Earl of Salisbury PavanInns of Court, English 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Eglamowr de tribusGresley MS - English ca.1500 PCB arrangement.
Epping ForestEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Faine I WouldEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Female SailorEnglish Country PCB arrangement.
Fickle LadiesEnglish 16th Cent. PCB Arrangement.
Fine CompanionEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Galliard: "La Traditore my fa morire"Arbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Gathering PeascodsEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Gay BransleArbeau, French 1589. PCB arrangement.
GelosiaDomenico da Piacenzo Ital 1460. PCB arrangement.
Glory of the WestEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Goddesses (Scot's Lad Lament)English Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Gracca AmorosaCaroso from Il Ballarino, 16th Cent. Italian. Quartet in G from historical lute tabulature in F.
Grey's Inn MaskEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
GrimstockEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Halfe HannikinEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Hay BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Heart's EaseEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Heralds in LoveHeather Rose Jones, modern SCA - usuable only in SCA.
Hermit BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Hit and MisseEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Hole in the Wallby H. Purcell, 18th cent. PCB arrangement.
Horse's BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Hyde ParkEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
If All the World Were PaperEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
(Mister) Isaac's MaggotEnglish 17th Cent.
Jack's MaggotEnglish Country, Playford (1703) PCB arrangement.
Jack PuddingEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
JamaicaEnglish Country, Playford 1671. PCB arrangement.
Jenny Plucks PearsEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
John Tallis CannonEnglish Country, attributed to Pat Shaw.
John Tallow's CannonMusic by Tangerine Dream, usuable on in SCA.
Juice of BarleyEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Kemp's JigEnglish 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Kettle DrumEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
KorobushkaRussian/Ukrainian Folk Traditional.
La VoltaEnglish 16th Cent. Historic arrangement.
Lorayne AlmainEnglish 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Lord Sun Lady MoonBy Dafyd Arth- usable only in SCA, arrangement by PCB.
Lulle Me Beyond TheeEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Ly Bens DistonysGresley MS - English ca.1500 PCB arrangement.
Madame Sosilla's AlmainEnglish 16th Cent. Inns of Court. Arrangement by J. Casazza - usable only in SCA.
Mairi's Wedding / Gey Gordon'sIrish Trad.
Maltese BransleArbeau French 1589 (NOTE - this is Arbeau's piece, not the Califrian SCA) PCB arrangement.
MercantiaDomenico da Piacenzo Ital 1460. PCB arrangement.
Milke Mayd's BobbEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Millison's JeggeEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
MontardeArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
New AlmainEnglish 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
NewcastleEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
New ExchangeEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Night PeeceEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Nika Nika Bransle16th Cent. Spanish - PCB arrangement.
NonesuchEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Official BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Old AlmanEnglish 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Old Man is a Bed Full of BonesEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Old MoleEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Ore BoggyEnglish Country, Neal 1726 PCB arrangement.
Packington's PoundEnglish 16th Cent, PCB arrangement.
Parson's FarewellEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Pease BransleArbeau 1589 - PCB arrangement.
Petit VriensGugliolmo Ebreo 15th Cent. Italian. PCB arrangement.
Picking of Sticks (Levena, Kitty McGee)English Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Pinaguy BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Posties JigIrish Traditional. PCB Arrangement.
Punk's DelightEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Queen's AlmainWilliam Byrd 1609 - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book arrangement transcribed by Robert Smith- usuable only in SCA.
Quen Quer Que (Cantiga 167)13th Cent. Spanish - PCB arrangement.
Red HouseEnglish Country, Playford 1695 PCB arrangement.
Road to the Isles (Scotland the Brave)Scottish Traditional.
Rostiboli GioisioGugliolmo Ebreo 15th Cent. Italian. PCB arrangement.
RugeroEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Rufty TuftyEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Saltarello (La Regina)15th Cent. Italian PCB arrangement.
Saturday Night and Sunday MorningEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Scotch CapEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Scots BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Sellengers RoundEnglish 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Sheppard's HolydayEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
SkellamefagoEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Spanish GypsyEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
SpanyardEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
SymphonieEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
T'Angelosa15th cent. Italian. Based on Glynne Parry's (Bedford Waits) reconstruction of the melody.
Tangle Bransle (Champaign Br.)Praetorius 16th Cent. PCB arrangement.
Tangle Bransle (Single Bransle)Arbeau 1589. PCB arrangement.
TourdionArbeau 1589. PCB arrangement.
TrenchmoreEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Torin15th Cent - original title Mit Gantzem Willem by Konrad Paumann, danced in SCA as a basse dance 51313. PCB arrangement.
Upon a Summer's DayEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
Up Tailes AllEnglish Country, Playford PCB arrangement.
War BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Washerwoman BransleArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Well HallEnglish Country, Playford 1679 PCB arrangement.
Whirligig (Woodicock)English Country, Playford PCB arrangement.

Ach Fenliches Leiden14th Cent. German by Oswald von Wolkenstein. Historical arrangement.
AgincourtEnglish 15/16th Cent. Not the motet version. Based on arrangement by Venables/Roper.
Alleluya IJohn Taverner(1490-1545) Historical arrangement written in half time.
Alleluya IIJohn Taverner(1490-1545) Historical arrangement written in half time.
Arezzo: Come lieta si mostraConstanzo Festa, from Florentine Wedding Music, 1539. Historical arrangement.
Ave, Mater, O Maria14th Cent. German by Oswald von Wolkenstein. Historical arrangement.
Dawn: Vattene almo riposoFrancesco Corteccia, from Florentine Wedding Music, 1539. Historical arrangement.
Flora: Piu che maiConstanzo Festa, from Florentine Wedding Music, 1539. Historical arrangement.
Fortune My FoeWilliam Byrd, English 16th Century.
Haec Diesby William Bryd, from Liver Secundus Sacrarum Cantiorum 1591. Historical arrangement transposed from original A into G.
Harper's AirOriginal piece by PCB.
Im MaienLudwig Senfl, German 15th century. Historical arrangement
Jouyssance vous DonnerayArbeau French 1589. PCB arrangement.
Lauro15th Cent. Italian - attributed to Lorenzo de Medici. PCB arrangement.
Pasttimes With Good CompanyEnglish 16th Cent. attributed to Henry VIII.
Recercada Num.01E. Ortiz, Spanish 16th Cent. Historical arrangement.
Basse dance "La Brosse"from Pierre Attaingnant reconstructed badly from memory from a recording by the Renaissance group Calliope. Long simply labelled "Ren Dance," I've been trying to find this melody for a long while, and finally stumbled onto it on the Harmonia radio show!
SaltrottoThe Famous Saltarello (14th Cent) followed by a Trotto. PCB arrangement
Wach Auff, Mein Hort14th Cent. German by Oswald von Wolkenstein. Historical arrangement.

Bellman's JigTraditional Irish Jig
BrocelandiaBreton An Dro, PCB arrangement.
Butterfly/Comb Your Hair & Curl ItIrish Traditional Slip Jigs
Crafty Maid's JigJig, written by P. Butler
Follow Me Up to CarlowIrish Traditional Song
Full Rigged ShipTraditional Irish Jig
Gobby OTraditional Irish Jig
Hava NagilaTraditional Jewish Tune
Il FischiettandoTraditional Sicillian Tune
Inis SiarTraditional Irish Air, arr. by Beth Kolle
Irish WasherwomanTraditional Irish Air, adapted from the Taylor Traditional Tunes Book
Jig Trio (Ten Penny, Lannigan's Ball, Morrison's)Trio of Traditional Irish Jigs
Jump at the SunTrad Irish Jig, PCB arrangement.
Kesh JigTraditional Irish Jig
Leitrim's FancyTraditional Irish Jig
Muneires du BualTraditional Asturian
Red Haired Boy/ Kitchen GirlTraditional Irish Reels

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