Dr. Thomas J. Colacot
Thomas Colacot is a Development Manager in the Catalysis and Chiral Technologies Division at Johnson Matthey,  West Deptford, U.S.A, where he has global R & D responsibilities with some business development for India.   Technically he is involved in the development of new organometallic compounds for catalysis and electronic  applications, process development, supported homogeneous catalysts (FibreCat) and high throughput screening of  the catalysts for organic reactions, such as C-C couplings and C-heteroatom couplings. He has worked in the area of  highly air and moisture sensitive organophosphines, arsines and stibines. Dr Colacot was the Chair for the  ACS South Jersey chapter and also and also listed in several affiliations of   "Who is Who ".  Dr. Colacot is a visiting  faculty member of Rutgers University in the Graduate School of Chemistry, where he teaches an Applied  Organometallic Chemistry course relevant to Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceutical industries.

Dr Colacot obtained his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in 1989 in the area of ligands and  P, S, N heterocyclic chemistry. From 1990 to 1993 he taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Florida A  & M University. From 1993 to 1995 he held a senior research associate position with Professor Hosmane in the areas  of metallocenes and metallacarboranes for Ziegler Natta catalysis (ATP/AMOCO project). He holds an MBA from  Penn State University specialized in Strategies and New Ventures. He has published in the region of 45 papers in the  field of organic/organometallic chemistry and has given about 100 technical presentations in various pharmaceutical  industries, universities and Conferences.


Fall 2006 56:160:576. ST: Organometallic Chemistry of Transition Elements - Theory and Practice
Spring 2003 56:160:xxx. ST: Industrial Applications of Homogeneous Catalysis