1993 survey, using some of Klausner's questions.

Hello, I'm from Rutgers University in Camden. We are interviewing women who participated in a survey last summer regarding the opinions of mothers living in this area. According to our records you were someone who participated in this survey last summer and we wanted to find out how you and your family have been doing the past year.(If the lady is not there ask when an appropriate time can be set so that she can be reached)

1. Respondent is a. mother b. acting as mother

2. [Ask if not already answered]. Are you pregnant at this time?

a. pregnant

b. uncertain, may be pregnant

c. not pregnant

d. na, dk

First of all, we would like to know if you have had any children since last summer either by adoption, legal guardian means or by birth. (If so please ask age and gender of the child or children)

Name or Relationship Sex Age




[if there are more children, continue on the back]

6. Who takes care of your children most of the time?

a.myself b.my mother c. husband's mother e. other

7. Are you currently?

a. employed for wages

b. self-employed

c. out of work for more than 1 year

d. out of work for less than 1 year

e. homemaker

f. student

8. {If not working} What part does your health play in your decision not to work, or in the kind of work you can take:

a. it is the biggest factor in keeping me from working

b. because of my health there are only a few jobs I could take

c. because of my health there are certain kinds of jobs I cannot take, but I can take most jobs

d. my health has little or nothing to do with my decision to work

9. [If working] What kind of work do you do?

[Record kind of work in detail]:

10. What would you say have been the major events in your life this past year?{Probe for significant life events such as marriage, change in job, schooling,etc.}

11. Were you receiving welfare last year? a. yes b. no

12. Are you receiving welfare now? a. yes b. no

{If change occurred, then ask} Why did the change occur?

13. {If Yes to #12} Has Welfare been in contact with you, regarding the new Family Development Plan?

14. If Yes has welfare and the Family Development Plan changed your life in the past year?

15. Have you had any kind of formal education or job training over the past year? {If yes ask if training helped get a job and what kind of training it was}

As you may know, one provision of the Family Development Plan is to require mothers of children who are two or older to go to work or get job training.

Another provision of the welfare reform is that if a woman is already on welfare and has another baby she will not get any additional money from welfare.

16. Do you think most welfare mothers are happy to have the opportunity to get training or go to work when their youngest child is two, or do they think that this is too early?

a. are happy to go to work

b. think this is too early

c. some do and some don't, can't say what most do

d. don't know

e. no answer

17. Do you think this change has caused women on welfare to have fewer children, or do you think they will continue to have just as many children no matter what welfare pays:

a. fewer children b. just as many

18. Do you think the new welfare reform has affected you or anyone you know in any way?

a. yes b. no c. don't know e. no answer

19. {If yes}Would you care to tell us how?

Now I would like to ask a different kind of question. I have a list of statements that people have said about daily life. Some people think these statements are true, others think they are false. There is no right answer, we just want to know your opinion. For each question just tell me whether it is true or false in your opinion.

For each of the following questions, please tell me if it is more often true than false, or more often false than true: (pp 29, fatalism)

20. When a person is born, the success he will have in all areas of his life is in the cards, so he may as well accept it.

a. true b. false c. dk, na

21. It is not worthwhile to plan ahead too much, because if one plans ahead these plans hardly ever work out. a. true b. false e. dk, na

22. People I know look down on welfare mothers. a. true b. false (p31)

23. The more money a person earns, the more her children's friends will respect her children. a. true b. false (p. 31)

24. It helps to plan ahead. a. true b. false c. dk, na

25. A person should plan as much as he can, because his future depends on it. a. true b. false c. dk, na

26. If I didn't work, I think I would have enough friends and meet with enough other people anyway. a. true b. false e. dk, na (p. 25)

27. I think that one of the most important things about working is that it gives a person something to do all day. a. true b. false e. dk, na (p. 24)

28. If by chance somebody left me enough money to live comfortably, without working, I think I would not work. a. true b. false (p. 25)

Now I need to ask a few questions to help make sure that we have a representative sample. First of all,

29. How old are you? (p. 14)

[Record age in years ]

30. Are you: a. white; b. black; c. Hispanic; d. Asian or a member of some e. other group?

31. [If other] What group is that?

32. What is the highest paying job you can do? (p. 21)

Name of job

33. In the near future, would you prefer a full time job or would you prefer to stay at home? (p. 27)

a. full time job b. stay at home c. part time job

34. What do you think would be the ideal number of children for a family in circumstances similar to yours:

[Enter number: ] a. don't know b. no answer

35. How many more children do you expect to have in your life (p43)

[Enter number: ] a. don't know b. no answer

36. All things taken into account, do you think it is worth it to you to go to work? a. yes b. no (p. 30)

37. What long term plans do you have?


38. What kind of help do you think you might need to get there?

39. And are you currently? (p. 15?)

a. married

b. divorced

c. widowed

d. separated

e. never been married or

f. a member of an unmarried couple?

40. [If applicable] How old were you when you were first married? (p. 16)

never married or record age in years:

41. Would it be all right if we kept your name and phone number or address on file so that we can call you again in a year or so to see if your opinions or your situation have changed? All information you have provided will, of course, be strictly confidential....