This book, published in 1979 by D. Van Nostrand in New York, primarily represents the views of the late Albert J. Szymanski.  A biographical memoir of Szymanski by Goertzel is available.
The book has the following chapters:
1.  An Insider's Guide to Sociology:  Radical and Otherwise
2.Foundations of Radical Sociology
- Available online in three pdf files:
Part One. Part Two. Part Three.
3.  Social Development
4.  The Corporate Economy
5.  Class in American Society
6.  The Individual in Class Society
7.  Culture and Class Consciousness
8.  The Capitalist State
9.  Crime and the State by Drew Humphries
10. Imperialism and Development
11. Racism and Capitalism
12.  Family, Sex and Society
13. Ecology and Population
14.  Social Movements and Revolution