There's Something About South Jersey

Which Model do South Jerseyans Prefer?

New:  Information from a professionally conducted sample survey of the South Jersey area, divided into regions, is now available in Word format.  There are some comparisons to data from a 1981 regional survey.

Do South Jerseyans want Broadacre City, or would they prefer the Centers and Environs vision?  We tried to capture the difference with some survey questions.  We asked 444 residents of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties:

If you had to choose would you prefer a community where:
     a. most people live in cities, towns and villages, surrounded by farms and forests
     b. or one where most people live in houses on large lots spread throughout the farms and forests

      We found that 51% preferred the towns and farms, while 49% preferred the more dispersed model, a result well within the margin of sampling error.  It's an even split!   Presumably both models sound better than "urban sprawl."

When asked to choose between a community with "excellent highways but little public transportation" and one with "excellent public transporation but congested highways," 76% preferred the excellent highways.  In another item, 56% preferred neighborhoods where schools and shopping were within walking distance to neighborhoods where houses are further apart.

But these questions may not seem real to most South Jersey residents since they apply best to newly planned communities.  Most South Jersey residents want to keep their current communities pretty much the way they are.  In our March, 2001, survey of 514 residents of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties, we found that:

If this desire to freeze existing communities is successful it means that either population growth and development must somehow be stopped, or it has to go into new communities on vacant land.