There's Something About South Jersey

What are the differences between these two models?
"Centers and Environs" versus "Broadacre City"

Residences Concentrated in Compact Communities Residences Dispersed Throughout the Region
Reliance on Public Transportation More Attractive Highways
Separate Agricultural Areas Farms and Residences Intermingled
Centralization Decentralization
Nature Protected from People People Live in Harmony with Nature

A bold new proposal to build a "New Urbanism" community on the grounds of the Cherry Hill race track.  This would involve building a center in the core of one of America's first centerless, "Broadacre City" communities.

A proposal to rebuild Camden's New Urbanism Community:  The Fairview Neighborhood
Lecture notes on Broadacre City (author unspecified).
       "Return to Broadacre City" by James Krohe, Jr.
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