Pressure Group Web Sites

 These are some links to WEB sites maintained by pressure groups.  You can find others by searching Yahoo or Google or other search engines.  The Encyclopedia of Associations lists over 81,000 non-profit associations, not all of which have WEB sites.

Many represent economic interests or occupational groups, e.g.,: American Farm Bureau.   National Educational Association  American Medical Association. National Association of Manufacturers. AFL/CIO.
Council on Foreign Relations The National Slag Association  American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials  International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education  International Police Organization.   American Sociological Association  American Anthropological Association   National Criminal Justice AssociationNational Association of Police Organizations
The largest of all is the American Association of Retired Persons.

Others represent a cause, e.g., Pro-choice:  NARALA List of Organizations  and Pro-life: National Right-to-Life  A List of Organizations  Pro guns - National Rifle Association.  Anti-guns - Handgun Control, Inc.  Others include:  Mobilization Against Corporate Globalization.
 Zionist Organization of America  Greenpeace Internatinal  Friends of the EarthStewards of the RangeMontanans for Property Rights  American Civil Liberties Union   Environmental Defense Fund  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People   Young Americans for Freedom  National Organization for Women   Gay and Lesbian Task Force  National Association for the Advancement of White People

Others are more purely social or reflect a cultural interest or a hobby: The Free and Accepted Masons  (but see the Ex-Masons for Jesus Rotary International, which has seven thousand local chapters.
The Elvis Presley Fan Club     International Society of WorldWide Stamp Collectors   America's first 4-H Skateboarding Club.  These may have little political significance, although that is not always seen to be the case.  Many, for example, have seen the FreeMasons as a powerful political elite, e.g., responsible for the American Revolution.  Where have you seen their symbol, a pyramid with an all-seeing eye?  Or is this a myth?