These are pictures sent by Penn's ex-wife, Kam Magor, also known as Kamtree.  I have reduced the images to speed loading on the Internet, if anyone would like a larger file to print, or to order a print from Ofoto, just email Ted.

Penn tending bar at Murphy and Me, Eugene, 1975

Penn playing chess with Dick Trumbull, San Diego, 1973 (This didn't
scan in so well, but I like the photo because it captures a typical
expression of Penn's.)

This also didn't scan in so well. This is Penn, Ted and Carol and their
kids and Victor & MMildred at that chicken house/school where Penn and I lived in 1972 after returning from Hawaii--out on Hawkins Lane on the west
outskirts of Eugene.

Penn, hungover, Eugene, 1975.

Penn before I met him.

Penn with me (Kam) and Win McCormack, Portland, 1988.

Penn, Eugene, 1974.

Penn, Yachats, Oregon Coast, 1970.

Penn and me, Eugene, summer, 1971.

Penn announcing at Eugene Motocross, Creswell, 1972.