These are some childhood and family photos.  Several of them are poor copies.  I plan to scan the originals and post some better copies.

The house where the family lived when Penn was born:  4112 Mildred St., Wayne, Michigan, and the family Studebaker:


A hooked rug done by Penn's grandmother, Jessie George, showing Penn using a rotating knife sharpener as a toy.  The house is on the family farm near Arcadia, Indiana:


A photograph of Penn's grandparents' farm, Bean Hill, in Arcadia, Indiana:


Penn in the bathtub wearing a plastic ring designed to keep shampoo in his eyes, together with big brother Ted:

School photograph:

The house where Penn lived in on Connecticut Ave, Highland Park, Michigan, for two or three grade school years:

The house at on Prescott St., Montclair, NJ, where Penn lived until 1966:

Penn and his brother John at John's house on Whidbey Island, August 1999:

Penn in August, 1999: