Hello, my name is . I am a student at Rutgers University in Camden, and we are doing a survey about welfare reform. We want to get the opinions of women under 40 years of age living in Camden. Do you fit into that group? If no, is there a female under 40 at home I could talk to?

1. Have you heard of Governor Whitman's proposal to change welfare in New Jersey? a. yes b. no c. not sure

2.3. If so, do you remember any particulars of her program?


6. Do you remember Senator Wayne Bryant's proposed welfare reform which was implemented in New Jersey a few years ago? a. yes b. no c. not sure

7.8. If so, do you remember any particulars of his program?


11. Do you think New Jersey welfare pays too much, too little or the right amount? a. too much b. too little c. the right amount

12. Would you say that welfare is a right or a privilege?

a. right b. privilege c. not sure

13. Do you think a woman's welfare check should be increased if she has another baby while on welfare? a. yes b. no c. not sure

14. Should welfare recipients be required to take any job they can get or should welfare allow them to go to school before taking a job?

a. take a job b. go to school c. not sure

15. Do you think a woman should be required to tell the name of her baby's father in order to get welfare benefits [unless she has been raped]:

a. yes b. no c. not sure

16. Should there be a time limit on receiving welfare or should it be indefinite? a. time limit b. indefinite c. not sure

17. If there is a limit, how long should it be?

a. two years or less b. 3 or 4 years c. 5 years d. more than 5

18. How old do you think a woman's youngest child should be before she is required to get off welfare and go to work? a. less than a year

b. one year c. two d. three e. four f. five or more or "in school"

19. How old should a girl with a baby be in order to live alone and receive welfare? a. 15 or less b. 16 c. 17 d. 18 e. 19 f. 20 g. 21+

20. How much money should a woman receive a month per child on welfare

[excluding disabled children]

21. Do you have any children living with you now? a. yes b. no

22. How many children are living with you now?

23. How old is the youngest child?

24.25. What are your goals or dreams in life?


28. Are you currently on welfare? a. yes b. no

29. Have you received welfare in the past? a. yes b. no

30. 31. Collectively, how many years have you received welfare?

a. less than one b. one c. two d. three e. four f. five

g. six h. seven i. eight j. nine or more

32. When you were growing up did your family ever receive welfare?

a. yes b. no c. don't know

33. [IF APPLICABLE] What would you do if your welfare check was cut off?

34. [IF APPLICABLE] How did you get off welfare: a. job b. married c. other

Now I'd like to finish up with a few personal questions for our statistical analysis? (If you have a problem with any please let me know)

35. How far did you get in school?

a. ninth grade or less

b. part way through high school

c. graduate high school

d. GED or high school equivalency

e. some college or training school

36.37. How old are you?

38. Are you: a. married b. single c. divorced or separated d. widowed

39. What is your race or nationality: a. white b. black c. hispanic

d. Asian e. other

40. Would you prefer to work: a. full time b. part time c. not at all

41. Are you a homemaker or do you work outside the home? a. homemaker b. work outside the home

42. Have you ever worked outside the home? a. yes b. no

43. What type of work (did or do) you do?

44. Would you be interested in coming to Rutgers to participate in a group discussion on welfare? It would take about 2 hours and pay $20.

a. yes b. no c. maybe

45. Could you give me your first name, in case my professor has to call to verify this interview? It will not be used for any other purpose.

Thank you very much for your time.