The essay "Terrorist Beliefs and Terrorist Lives" appears in Chris Stout, ed, The Psychology of Terrorism:  Volume One.  The book has many other interesting articles, and can be ordered from 

               This multi-volume set was created by an outstanding, interdisciplinary group of academics, clinicians and activists worldwide, from
               Princeton University to the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine in South Africa. Contributors including Pulitzer Prize-winner Dr.
               John E. Mack present works that crosscut an immense range of terrorism-related factors including historic contexts, group
               dynamics, social psychological, behavioral, forensic, psychopathological and evolutionary issues. Global perspectives on
               understanding, empathy, bias, prejudice, racism, hate and sexism are also presented. Forged with a combination of talents and
               viewpoints rarely seen in the worlds of academia or activism, these volumes move knowledge and understanding forward as the
               framework and catalyst for readers considering ways in which to respond to terrorism. Authors in this unprecedented collaboration
               led by editor Chris E. Stout include scholars from Harvard University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Disaster Mental
               Health Institute, as well as National University of Colombia, Comprehensive Medical Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the
               Maagalim Institute of Psycotherapy and Counseling in Tel-Aviv.