Penn in Intensive Care
at the University of Washington Hospital
a Week Before He Died


Warning:  Some people might find this photo disturbing, although Penn was not in great discomfort when it was taken.  His stomach is enlarged because of the liver failure.  If you are not sure you want to remember Penn this way, you might want to skip this one. 

We discussed whether to post it, and I have decided to accept John's advice.  He said, "I think I would use the ICU photo on the website.  It was Penn's reality for the end of his life. I don't think the picture would really serve to interfere with better, earlier memories of Penn; it doesn't for me. Perhaps some people, especially those who didn't visit him in the hospital, would want a visual image to connect them with Penn, in his situation, near the end.  If not they would probably not focus on it."

That said, if you choose to see it,  click here