Fulano de Tal's Home Page

Fulano's Portrait
Fulano de Tal (1996) by Joe Kulcar
Acrylic on Illustration Board (30 in x 40 in)

My name is Fulano de Tal.  I am a fictional student at Rutgers University in Camden, where I assist Professor  Ted Goertzel.  by enrolling in his classes through the WEBCT course management system and helping him to test his course pages.  I also work as an artist's model and appear in comic books.


Since I am a nonentity, my favorite web site is Nothingness.org.  I plan to write my doctoral dissertation on Nothingness Theory where I hope to answer the question "why is there something instead of nothing" as well as working on the problem of multiple nothings.  Here are my papers on  Growing Up in the Peanut Gallery and Trends in Homicide Rates. for which Professor Goertzel gave me a nothing grade. Here is my PowerPoint on Trends in Homicide.  And here is the same presentation in Word format.   After getting my degree I plan to work as a button pusher at Spatula City.