Retailing and Electronic Commerce

M - on midterm     * on final

   Introduction M Location and Site Selection *
   Retail Strategy M   Human Resources *
   Atmospherics M   Retail Promotion*
  Building Relationships with Customers M    Operations Management *
Studies and Consumer Analysis M   Merchandising and Category Management*
   Building Databases and Using Marketing Research M   Product Life Cycle
  Classification: Ownership and Strategy mix  M   Retail Financial Management 
  Nonstore Retailing M   Pricing 

  Review for midterm
  Review for final Spring 2005
Homework 1: Retail Anthropology (on syllabus)
  Homework 2: Location, Location, Location Project Fall 2005 Subway
Location, Location, Location Project Spring 2005
  Term Project: Visual Impairments and Online Shopping:  An Issue of Accessibility?
Online Best Practices Spring 2005 -  updated