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Gendering Disability

Bookstore|Fall and Winter 2003 Catalog|Gendering Disability

Gendering Disability

Price: $24.95 (Excluding: Sales tax)

Author: Bonnie G. Smith, Beth Hutchison 
Subject: Gender Studies/Disability Studies 
Paper ISBN 0-8135-3373-2 
Cloth ISBN 0-8135-3372-4 
Pages: 320 pp. 16 b&w illus. 
Description: The first book to examine the intersection of gender and disability in policy, the arts, public life, and personal relationships 

Praise for Gendering Disability

"This compilation is a pioneering study of the 'borderlands' of the body. The diverse chapters speak to activists and scholars, as well as those less familiar with the issues of disability studies and gender studies. It will serve the academic and activist communities well, encouraging new insights into the ways we define ourselves and others."-Susan Burch, author of Signs of Resistance: American Deaf Cultural History, 1900 to World War II

Disability and gender, terms that have previously seemed so clear-cut, are becoming increasingly complex in light of new politics and scholarship. These words now suggest complicated sets of practices and ways of being.

Contributors to this innovative collection explore the intersection of gender and disability in the arts, consumer culture, healing, the personal and private realms, and the appearance of disability in the public sphere-both in public fantasies and in public activism. Beginning as separate enterprises that followed activist and scholarly paths, gender and disability studies have reached a point where they can move beyond their boundaries for a common landscape to inspire new areas of inquiry. Whether from a perspective in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, or arts, the shared subject matter of gender and disability studies-the body, social and cultural hierarchy, identity, discrimination and inequality, representation, and political activism-insistently calls for deeper conversation. This volume provides fresh findings not only about the discrimination practiced against women and people with disabilities, but also about the productive parallelism between these two categories.

Bonnie G. Smith is Board of Governors Professor of History at Rutgers University and a past director of the University's Institute for Research on Women. Beth Hutchison is assistant director of the Institute.


  • Adrienne Asch 
  • Brenda Jo Brueggemann 
  • Sarah E. Chinn 
  • Sumi Colligan 
  • Ann M. Fox 
  • Robin Adèle Greeley 
  • Alison Kafer 
  • Carol Kaufman-Scarborough 
  • Georgina Kleege 
  • Thilo Kroll 
  • Catherine J. Kudlick 
  • Kristin Lindgren 
  • Melissa J. McNeil 
  • Corbett Joan O'Toole 
  • Lisa Schur 
  • Russell P. Shuttleworth 
  • Rosemarie Garland Thomson 
  • Daniel J. Wilson

Price: $24.95 (Excluding: Sales tax)


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