Consumer Analysis

The Changing Household

How do Households Influence Consumer Behavior?

How do Households Influence Consumer Behavior?

What is the Difference Between Families and Households?

Types of Families

Composition of Families and Households

Economic Impact on Households
Two-income families
In 1999, 65 million women were in the work force
Career women and just-a-job women
Single women heading families
In 1998, 13 million single-parent families in the U.S. headed by women

Roles must be considered
Initiator/gatekeeper: initiator of family thinking about buying products and gathering information to aid decisions
Influencer:  individual whose opinions are sought about purchase criteria and which brands fit those criteria
Decider: person with financial authority to choose how family money is spent
Buyer: person who actually buys goods
User: person(s) who uses the product

Other roles
Initiator – who recognizes the problem
Gatekeeper – control of info
Preparer – who actually gets the product ready to use
Disposer – who throws away what’s left

Dog Food Example
Cycle Dog Food Example – these roles were studied in developing the product
Initiator – who sees that we are out of dog food!
Gatekeeper – female household head – consid. set
Influencer – veterinarian – dog must lose weight
Decider – actual owner in household
Buyer – send teenager to the store
Preparer – teenager must feed dog as chore
User – dog, will the dog eat it? Get sick?
Disposer – who cleans up uneaten dog food, messy?

Family Lifecycle and Consumption Patterns

Who is missing in this typology?

Changes in Household Composition
Household head - who is it???
Sandwich generation - emerging unmet needs
Boomerang kids
Are traditional marital roles a wise assumption within the US market today?

Gender Role Impact

How are Buying Roles Changing in Households

How Does the Changing US Household Impact marketing?

Who controls household decisions?

Purchase Decisions within Families and Households

Sources of Power in Household Marketplace Decisions

Decisions Influenced by Children