Newest Papers - Spring 2006 - "ACRA - Always Great Research.  Always."

1. “It’s Nice to Get a Wee Treat if You’ve Had a Bad Week:” Motivations and Behaviours in Loyalty Scheme Points Redemption
Andrew Smith
Leigh Sparks

2. Improving Access to Food: What is the Impact of a Large New Food Retail Store on Diet and Health in a Deprived community?
Steven Cummins
A Findlay
Mark Petticrew
Leigh Sparks

3.  Exploring Technological Collaborations in Retail Partnerships Technology Driven Logistics Service Quality
R. Glenn Richey
Mert Tokman,
Lauren Skinner

 4. Retail Loyalty Programs: Formal and Non-Formal
Myron Gable
Susan S. Fiorito
Martin T. Topol

 5.  Supermarket Category Managers’ Evaluations of New Products:  Does “Newness” Make a Difference?
Frederick W. Langrehr
Peter Kaufman

6. Are Retailers Nothing More Than Arms Dealers? The Role of Retailers in Consumer Warfare
David J. Burns
Homer B. Warren

7. Effectiveness of Sexual Harassment Awareness Training in the Retail Industry
William E. Hauck
Catherine Amoroso Leslie

8. Online Shopping Patterns of Persons With Disabilities: Has The Internet Fulfilled Its Promises?
 Terry L. Childers
 Carol Kaufman-Scarborough

9. Experiential Value: Exploring Young Taiwanese Apparel Retail Patronage
Pauline Sullivan
Jeanne Heitmeyer
Yun Wang
Yoon Jung Park

10.  Motivations for Multichannel Shopping Through Non-Traditional Retail Formats
Dipti Jain, Graduate Student
Kyoung-Nan Kwon

11. Conceptualizing Retail Internationalisation Through Institutional Theory: The Case of Wal-Mart
John Fernie
Stephen J. Arnold
Ulrike Gerhard
Elke Pioch

12. Mall Environment, Shopping Value, and Approach Behavior: A Study of Female Fashion Shoppers
Richard Michon
Hong Yu
Donna Smith
Jean-Charles Chebat

13. Creating an Online Merchandising Master’s: A Development Story
Susan Strickler
Jane Hegland
Byoungho Jin
Antigone Kotsiopulos
Melody LeHew
Nancy Lyons
Linda Manikowske
Deb Meyer

14. Dimensions of Online Community Attributes: Examination of Online Communities Hosted by Companies
Hye-Shin Kim
Jin Yong Park
Byoungho Jin

15. Small Business in the Face of Crisis: Identifying Barriers to Recovery from a Natural Disaster
Rod C. Runyan

16. Determining the Fashionability of Portable Technology: Application of the Diffusion Theory
Jeanette Keene
Sharron Lennon

 17. Gender Identity and Hedonic Shopping Motivations: A Perspective of College Students
Yingjiao Xu

18. Changing Perceptions:  Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Consumer Shopping Motivations and Perceived Service Quality
Deborah Brown McCabe
Mark S. Rosenbaum
Jennifer Yurchisin

19.  Retail Work Environments: Exploring the Manager’s Role in Employee Job Satisfaction
V. Ann Paulins
Julie L. Hillery

20. The Walmart Factor and Manufacturers’ Profitability
Sandra Mottner
Steve Smith

21. Conceptualizing Consumer Value on Channel Choice of Internet versus Bricks and Mortar: Moderating Roles of Internet Usage and Product Type

Kiseol Yang
Laura Dunn Jolly
Youn-Kyung Kim

22.  Value Differences: Comparing Causes of Satisfaction for Specialty and Conventional Grocery Store Customers
Patricia Huddleston
Judith Whipple
Rachel Nye Mattick
So Jung Lee

 23. The Relationships between Satisfaction with Business Administration Education, Work Satisfaction, and Stress Among Retail Managers
Claudia Mobley
William C. Bailey

24. Shopping Enjoyment Propensity and Store Shopping Modes: The Moderating Influence of Chronic Time Pressure
Hye-Young Kim
Youn-Kyung Kim

25. Shopping Motives and Patronage Intentions of Online Shopper Segments:
An Apparel Shopping Context
Sejin Ha
Leslie Stoel

26. Online Products Categorization: The Functions of Internet Users’ Motivations and Purchase Tendencies among Generation Y Consumers
Eun Young Kim
Dee K. Knight
Hwa Young Shin

27. Hierarchical Dimensions of Online Merchandising
Jin Yong Park
Byoungho Jin

28. Consumers’ Perceptions of RFID Technology and the Role of Providing Information
Ji-Young Hwang
Linda Good

29. Acquiring Quality Employees: Further Investigation of Self-Efficacy and Expected Supervisory Support
Jessica L. Hurst
Linda Good

30. Developing a Conceptual Model to Explain the Effect of Site Atmospherics on Online Shoppers’ Responses
Minjung Park
Sharron J. Lennon

 31. The Effect of Online Atmospheric Cues on Consumer Emotions: Moderating Role of Product Involvement
Young Ha
Sharron J. Lennon

32. Sensory Enabling Technology Acceptance Model (SE-TAM): Multiple-Group Structural Model Comparison
Jiyeon Kim
Sandra Forsythe

33.  Cross-Cultural Examination of the Relationships Among Firm Reputation, E-satisfaction, E-trust, and E-loyalty
Byoungho Jin
Jin Yong Park
Jiyoung Kim

 34. Competitive Analyses between Regional Malls and Big-Box Retailers: A Correspondence Analysis for Segmentation and Positioning
Min-Young Lee
 Kelly Green Atkins
 Youn-Kyung Kim
  Soo-Hee Park

 35. What Induces Online Customer Loyalty Toward a Multi-Channel Retailer?: Online Versus Offline Brand Images
Wi-Suk Kwon
Sharron J. Lennon

 36. The Effect of Visual Product Presentation and Music on Mood, Attitude towards the Site, and Purchase Intent in Online Apparel Shopping
Jung-Hwan Kim
 Minjeong Kim
Sharron J. Lennon

37.  Factors Affecting Indian Consumers’ Brand Loyalty toward a U.S. Brand versus a Local Brand
Archana Kumar
 Hyun-Joo Lee
 Youn-Kyung Kim

 38. Generation Y Employees’ Work Experience in the Retail Industry: The Impact on Job Performance, Job Satisfaction and Career Intention
HaeJung Kim
Dee K. Knight
Christy Crutsinger

39. A Retail Failure Prediction Model: A Re-evaluation
Paul T. McGurr

 40. Buying Committees in Transitional Economies: A Case of the Chinese Retail Industry
Brenda Sternquist
Lu Wan