How can I obtain copies of ACRA Proceedings papers?

Every year, ACRA members present their research at both the Winter and Spring conferences. The abstracts are available on this site, and in many cases, the full paper is available in our Archives.

In order to request a full paper, please contact Carol Kaufman-Scarborough at the address below, and provide the following information:

1.  The authors, full title, specific conference, and year of the paper.

2.  Your contact information

3.  Your mailing address.

Note:  in some cases, the authors have not provided the full paper to the Archives. In that case, it will be necessary to contact the authors directly. Please consult the "Membership List" link on our home page for address, telephone, and email information.

Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Professor of Marketing
Director, ACRA Clearinghouse
Rutgers University School of Business
227 Penn Street
Camden,  New Jersey 08102-1656
Office:  856-225-6592
Fax:      856-225-6231