Newest Papers - Winter 2006 - "Retail Research: Beyond Expectations"

Doherty Anne Marie, “International Market and Franchise Partner Selection: Case Study Evidence from the UK Fashion Sector”,ACRA, winter 2006 NYC, Employing the franchise mode of operation has become a central element of internationalisation strategy for many retail firms . In response to this practical phenomenon of internationalising via the franchise method, the past decade has witnessed a growing but limited body of work on various aspects of international retail franchising.  Research has covered a variety of issues such as motivations for international retailers to franchise in international markets , control and support in international retail franchising networks  and the theoretical development of the area

Hyun Ju Kwon , Vanessa Prier Jackson, and Preeti Joshi ,”Demographic Variables Affecting Consumers’ Perception of the Fashion Website Attributes”, ACRA  winter 2006 NYC , This study aims to identify demographic variables affecting consumers’ perception of fashion website attributes. The concept of 6C, advocated by the Korean Internet Marketing Society , was the framework of the research instrument for the study . The online and offline survey conducted in 2004 resulted in a total of 1,026 usable responses for data analysis. There were significant differences in the consumers’ demographic variables  on their perception of fashion website attributes. The findings implied that the fashion e-retailers should reformulate their current strategies by focusing on personalization to satisfy individual customer.

Ogden J R,  Denise T. Ogden and Craig Latshaw “A Look at the Impact of Music Tempo and Style on Increases in Consumer Spending:  Suggestions for Research”, ACRA winter 2006 NYC.
As music has been found to impact human beings on many levels, the research focuses on how music tempo and style may increase consumer spending.  Whether the music is touching individuals emotionally or creating responses that may be measured, the study of the impact of music on consumers has been studied and has been labeled atmospherics research. This research suggests that certain tempos and music styles, or genres, may be able to yield higher increases in sales, which would increase retailer’s profits.  This body of work suggests hypotheses that may help to understand the impact of tempo and music genre or style on consumers at retail.

Myers Hayley, Nicholas Alexander,”Retail Internationalisation: Establishing a European Retail Structure?”, ACRA winter 2006 NYC This paper considers European cross border expansion of retailers based in Western Europe by considering the flow of investment through the ownership of retail outlets. By looking at retail outlet numbers rather than the number of retail operations or fascias owned by international retailers in different markets, the paper adds a new dimension to understanding the development of pan-European retail structures. The findings presented here also show that there is strong evidence of intra-regional linkages within Europe. That is there is a particularly strong flow of retail activity between markets that are geographically and usually culturally close. The patterns established from the data set suggest that retail internationalisation within Europe is occurring on a significant scale and that there is an emerging pan-European retail structure.

Owens Jan P ,“You Can Tell an Adult by the Souvenirs: College Students Shop on Vacation”, ACRA winter 2006 NYC. The purpose of this paper is to better understand the souvenir preferences of college students and post-graduates while they are on vacation.  Souvenirs are examined due to their potential for added revenue to local businesses, retailers, and hoteliers.  While there is some literature regarding tourism and shopping styles, it is unclear if the frameworks accurately describe today’s young adult tourists.  By developing shopping profiles of these two groups of tourists, retailers and merchandisers of tourism-related goods will be more astute in capturing tourist dollars and meet tourists’ shopping objectives. This paper addresses both scholarly and practitioner needs by describing an exploratory study comprising two parts: a preliminary set of focus groups, and a subsequent survey of open-ended questions.  Using qualitative techniques, results are analyzed and reported.

Hyun-Joo Lee and Laura Jolly,“The Sourcing Strategy Decision for Private Brands in Grocery Retailing”,ACRA winter 2006 NYC . The main purpose of this study is to develop a model conceptualizing how transaction cost factors and organizational factors moderate the path from ideal sourcing strategy based on competitive positioning to actual sourcing strategy.

Burns David J and Janice K Shahan “The Assessment of Growth Opportunities in Retailing: A Matrix Approach”,ACRA winter 2006NYC.