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Highlights of the 2006 Spring Conference in Bentonville, Arkansas (click for a list of papers)

In April, 2006, the ACRA Spring conference was held in Bentonville, Arkansas. Members enjoyed participating in a Wal-Mart Saturday morning meeting and tours of various Wal-Mart stores. Forty papers were presented this year at this highly-attended conference. 

Highlights of the 2006 Winter Conference in New York City (click for abstracts)
  • How has retail internationalisation operated within Europe?  Is there is an emerging pan-European retail structure?
  • How do international retailers choose franchising partners?
  • Introducing a new tool - the "Retail Venture Appraisal Matrix (RVAM)"
  • How do grocery retailers make sourcing decisions regarding private brands?
  • How does music tempo and style affect consumer spending?
  • How do demographic variables affect consumers' perceptions of fashion websites?
  • What do college students buy as souvenirs while on vacation?

The members of ACRA have presented papers at our annual Winter and Spring conferences for over twenty years. In order to make them accessible to you, they have been grouped by topic area and a short abstract is provided. If you would like to have the full copy of the paper, please click on the link below.
Consumers in Retail 
Educational Issues in Retailing
Ethical and Legal Issues
Global Issues in Retailing
Financial Issues in Retailing
Human Resource Issues in Retailing
Internet Retailing (Retailing on the Web)
Inventory and Supply Chain Issues
Location Issues
Merchandising (forecasting) and Buying Issues
Models and Methodologies for Retail Analysis
Nonstore Retailing (not including Internet)
Pricing Issues
Retail Case Studies
Retail Classification small business
Retail Classification strategy types
Retail History
Retail Image and Atmospherics
Retailing by Product Category
Retail Promotion
Retail Software
Retail Theory
Strategic Planning in Retailing
Trends in Retailing:  Past, Present, and Future
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