Trends in Retailing:  Past, Present, and Future

Overview:  This section contains manuscripts examining history,  present and futuretrends in retailing.

Dickinson, Roger, “Large Retailers and Innovative Retail Forms”,ACRA, April 1982.
An analysis of the conditions for innovation in retailing and the problems confronted by the large retailer in attempting to be a true innovator. Concludes with recommendations for the role of large retailers with regard to retail innovations. Bibliography.

Fiorito, Susan S. and Erin Ketterer, “Retailing in the New Millennium: Adoption of Kiosks as Self-Service Technologies”, ACRA, Spring 2004, Orlando. This manuscript presents a literature review of current research on kiosks and their present day uses and abilities within the retail industry. We also propose a modified version of an existing model developed by Julien & Raymond (1994), Factors of New Technology Adoption in the Retail Sector. We have proposed a new factor and new components to be tested with large retail firms. The manuscript concludes with questions that were developed that will focus the future directions of research in this area.

Lanasa, John and  David J. Burns, “The State of Retail Selling: Has It Improved?”,ACRA, April 1994.This paper looks at the present state of retail selling. It examines and compares the state of retail selling in department stores and specialty stores to see whether improvements in performance may have occurred or if significant problems still exist.

Loyd, Dolly D and Betty Pritchett, “An Ecomarketing Continuum Showing How Retailers Respond to the Green Marketing Concept”,ACRA, April 1994.This paper examines the growing level of environmental concern among consumers and the level of response that retailers are taking. A continuum showing retailer’s response to ecomarketing was presented.

May, Eleanor G “Trends in Retailing: A Look at Retailing to 1990”,ACRA, Spring 1985.A short summary of an extensive Marketing Science Institute report on the future of retailing. The paper details the expected economic changes, the institutional changes and the nature of the changes in consumer demographics over the next decade.

May, Eleanor G., “Trends in Retailing”,ACRA, Spring 1985.This paper discusses the economic conditions in the United States in the 1980's and forecasts the total retail sales for 1990.

McCammon, Bert C, Jr., “The New Strategic Era in Retailing: A Management Summary”,ACRA/NRMA, Winter 1984.Notes, outline, and data for a presentation on changing issues for strategic retailing for the balance of the 80's. An insightful view of where the retail industry may be headed with a presentation of causes and cures.

Moore, Marguerite and Heesun Seo, “A Decade of Information Technology Research in Retailing (1990-1999) An Emergent Scheme in Future Research Directions”,ACRA Spring 2000  Toronto (May 2000).The purpose of this review is to content analyze the past decade (1990-1999) of retailing, marketing, and logistics research that considers the role of IT in the retailing process. In order to attain a realistic, supply-chain perspective of IT research, we examined published manuscripts from logistics and physical distribution management journals that related directly to retail channels—in addition to retailing and marketing manuscripts. Ten years of IT research was considered…

Neisner, Lewis J, “Mergers and Acquisitions in Retailing as Viewed by Retailing Executives”,ACRA, Spring 1990.A paper that investigates the responses and attitudes of retailing executives to the opportunities and risks that mergers and acquisitions in the retail industry create.

Pearson, Michael M. and Steeps, Glenn T., “The Future of Retail Merchandising: Comparison of Student, Practitioner, and Expert Opinions”,ACRA, Spring 1990.Over a period of years the authors have used a relatively unique teaching tool, a "survival game," to gather information on the practitioners. The authors present this method and some key discussion points on the future of retailing merchandising.

Petto, Anthony and Michael Z. Massel, “The Importance of Business Conditions Upon Retail and Total Business Failures”,ACRA, Spring 1984.ACRA, Spring 1984.An attempt to determine what impact, if any, various external business conditions have on the rate of business failures in general, and retail failures in particular. Time series and regression analysis over the period from 1956 to 1980 shows that the general economic climate has very little impact on business failures.

Stein, Sidney, “What's Really Happening in Retail Research? - One Company's Activities”,Industry Facts and ACRA, Winter 1983.
A breakdown of retail research activities of JCPenney Co.