Retailing History
Overview:  This section contains manuscripts examining retail history,growth and performance etc.

Cannon, Hugh M. and Kelly, J. Patrick“An Historical Perspective on the Growing Importance of Retailing”,ACRA, April 1992, Dallas.This paper argues that the relative importance of marketing institutions is determined by the importance of the functions they perform. These functions, in turn, change with the economic development of society. Given the current stage of economic development in America, retailing is playing an increasingly important role as a marketing institution. Consistent with its growing importance. Retailing should emerge as the leading discipline among marketing educators and scholars. It should provide a body of theory that will help society interpret current marketing events and prepare future managers to address the changing needs of the marketplace.

“History of Eta Mu Pi” ,ACRA, Winter 1983 .A paper that covers the history of Eta Mu Pi, a professional fraternity for retailers and students of retailing, since its inception in 1939.

History Defines the Food Broker ,National Food Brokers Association, Washington, DC ,NFBA Pamphlet ,This is a reprint of a pamphlet prepared by the National Food Brokers Association that relates the history and development of the food broker from the 16th century to their role and position in modern American distribution. An interesting item for a lecture on channels or wholesaling.

Hollander,  Stanley , “The Department Store: Purchasing Agent for the Public or Yuppie Playpen”,ACRA/NRMA, 1986.A comparison of GAF-general apparel and furnishings sales as percent of the total in 1939 and 1982. The conclusions are that the GAF category has lost market share and that department stores in particular have lost share to discounts.

Hollander, Stanley C, “A Retailer's Social Report”,ACRA, Winter 1985.A brief description of the Swiss Cooperative, MIGROS, and an analysis of its third social report. This paper is particularly valuable for its understanding of the full report (ACRA item IMigC 84).

Lavin, Marilyn, “William Bostwick:- Retailer and Wholesaler in Mid-Nineteenth Century America”,ACRA, Spring 1985.An interesting description of the activities of a retail entrepreneur in Augusta, Georgia in the early part of the 19th Century.

Marquardt, Raymond A and  Robert E. Roe, “An Evaluation of the Performance of the Leading Department Stores from 1953-1982” ,ACRA, Spring 1984.A study of the balance sheets and operating ratios of department stores based on the Harris Bank Annual Retail Study for the last seven years and 1953. The study found that there has been a shift from current to fiscal assets, to more current liabilities, and a general decline in liquidity. Turnover is down over the period as is the sales to receivables ratio.