Fascinating Rhythm:  The Collaboration of George and Ira Gershwin
by Deena Rosenberg

Essay Question:  Choose a or b:

a.  Compare and contrast the careers of the Gershwins and Irving Berlin.

b.  To what extent is musical theater a collaboration rather than the work of a single individual?  Discuss.

Audio Assignment #5: [The selections are designed to correspond to Rosenberg's work]

1.  Fascinating Rhythm #1 (Cliff Edwards) (1924)

2.  Fascinating Rhythm #2 (Fred Astaire) (1952)

3.  The Man I Love (Lee Wiley) (1944)

4.  Rhapsody in Blue (1924)  George Gershwin/Paul Whiteman

5.  Someone To Watch Over Me #1 (Gertrude Lawrence)  (1926)

6.  Someone To Watch Over Me #2  (Lee Wiley) (1944)

7.  I Got Rhythm (Red Nichols) (1930)

8.  I Got Rhythm (Judy Blazer) (1990)