While searching  through an attic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you discover the following items:

 a.   a journal by Lord Cedric Tavishment entitled "A Visit  to a Slave Plantation" published in 1847.

 b. the account books of a sugar plantation located 10  miles outside of Baton Rouge.  (Years: 1844-1847)

 c.   the diary of a fugitive slave from a plantation near Baton Rouge.

 d.   a book entitled "The Best Years Of Our Lives," a  memoir by Colonel Jebbediah Cotton published in
 1880 in Charleston, S.C.  Cotton owned one of the  largest sugar plantations outside Baton Rouge.

 e. the attached photograph [click here]

 Evaluate the importance of each of these documents both individually and collectively for your forthcoming work A History of Slavery in the American South.

This exam will be a take-home.  Responses should be typed and handed in on Thursday the 28th.  Since we shall discuss the test at that time, you should hand the exam in on time.  There will be a 20% penalty if the exam is late.