American Film History II—Final Exam


The possible essays are:

1.  According to your readings and class lectures, how did the studio system change from 1950-1980?  How did it change from 1980 to 2004?

2.  According to Biskind, how did the "film school generation" (or
movie brats) change Hollywood movie-making during the 1960s and 1970s.
Use examples both from class and from the Biskind book!

3.  How does the role of the independent filmmaker change from 1950 to
2004 (as compared to the earlier period)?  Use examples from Merritt and
Biskind to support your argument.   (Be sure to define "independent film"
in your response!)


4.  The relation between Washington and Hollywood changed between 1939 and 1960.  Explain the nature of these changes based on readings, lectures, and films.