Major Fellowships for Rutgers - Camden Students

Faculty Advisors:

[Students must consult with Professor Markey or Professor Hippolyte prior to applying for these fellowships.]


Charlotte Markey began teaching in the Psychology Department at Rutgers-Camden in the fall of 2002.  She currently teaches Method and Theory in Psychology, Healthy Psychology, the Psychology of Adolescence, the Psychology of Eating, and Introduction to Women’s Studies.  Her research focuses on sociocultural influences on health behaviors (e.g., eating behaviors, health-compromising behaviors) and the relations between personality and health.  Dr. Markey is interested in helping students develop their own research interests and scholarly talents and in guiding students as they pursue graduate education.  Many scholarships are available to help students achieve these goals.  If you are interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities, you are welcome to contact Dr. Markey and make an appointment to discuss these scholarships.

Office:  Armitage 348
Dr. Markey will be on campus every M-W-F during Fall 2003 and most Tuesdays.

Dr. Jean-Louis Hippolyte has been an Assistant Professor of French at Rutgers University since 2002. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, and is currently working on a book entitled “Fuzzy Fictions,” that seeks to account for the conflicting presence, in contemporary French fiction, of the blurring of ontological boundaries on the one hand, and the return of the plot and character on the other. His research straddles sociological and artistic concerns, and focuses on late twentieth century culture and literature.

Dr. Hippolyte would like to assist students develop their own research and guide them as they pursue graduate education.  Many scholarships are available to help students achieve these goals.  If you are interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities, you are welcome to contact Dr. Hippolyte and make an appointment to discuss these scholarships.

Office: Armitage 471
Office Hours: by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday

Major Fellowships:

    Beinecke Brothers Scholarships

Designed to provide support for graduate school, each participating school
nominates one candidate; a maximum of twenty scholarships of $32,000 is
awarded.  Student must be a junior intending to pursue graduate studies;
student receives $2,000 in senior year to help defray costs associated
with graduate school applications.

  British Marshall Scholarships

Forty Marshall Scholarships are awarded annually for students wishing to
study in any discipline, graduate or undergraduate level, who intend to
pursue a British University degree.  The scholarship covers tuition, fees,
and transportation to the United Kingdom, books, and other allowances.

Students apply to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of the British Council
at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW  Washington, DC 20008-3600.

  Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship

Available to graduating seniors, or to students, who graduated in the last
academic year, Junior Fellows provide research assistance to those working
on the Carnegie Endowment's projects such as non-proliferation, democracy
building, international economics, migration and Russian/Eurasian issues.
Their research is for books, articles, policy papers, etc., and the like.

The Rutgers contact is listed as internship coordinator; the deadline for
applications is January 15.

Churchill Scholarships

Ten offered annually, for American students in various universities to
attend Cambridge University to study towards specific majors such as
chemistry, anatomy, physics, and botany.  Students must work towards the
Master of Philosophy degree, post-graduate study, or towards a diploma in
specific fields.

  DAAD (the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

Provides funding for students wishing to study in Germany; scholarship can
extend anywhere from seven days to three or four weeks.  Students can apply
through DAAD for partial fellowships - they do not fully cover expected
expenses.  In some cases, a good knowledge of German may be required.

Fulbright Scholarships

Designed to give recent graduates, master's, and doctoral candidates for
personal development and international experience.  Most grantees plan
their own programs which may include university coursework, independent
library or field research, classes in music or art schools, special
projects in the social or life sciences, or a combination.

Competition opens in May for the following year; applicants must hold an
undergraduate degree by the time their program would begin.

  The Gates Cambridge Scholarships

For graduate study or for study for a second Bachelor's Degree as an
affiliated student at the University of Cambridge.  Applicant must have
outstanding record to apply, be able to meet the conditions set by the
college for admission, and (normally) be under the age of 30.

Award covers tuition and fees, an allowance for a single student,
transportation, and other funds.  Applications are due in October for the
following year.

  Goldwater Scholarships

For juniors or seniors who are pursuing degrees in mathematics,
engineering, or the natural sciences.  Four-year institutions can nominate
up to four students.  Each scholarship covers eligible expenses for
tuition, fees, books, room, and board, up to $7,500/year.

  Jacob K. Javits Fellowships

For student who have not completed their first year of graduate school, or
those who will enter graduate school for the first time in the next
academic year.  Applicants must be eligible to be accepted to or currently
attending a graduate program leading to a doctorate of MFA program.  Those
enrolled in joint BA/MA programs are ineligible.

The fellowship includes a tuition payment and a stipend.  Applications are
due by November.

  James Madison Fellowships

For graduate study leading to a master's degree in American History,
political science, or a Master's of Arts degree concentrating in American
Constitutional History or American Government, or a Master of Education
degree with a concentration in American government, political institutions,
or political theory.  Each fellow must attend a four-week Summer Institute
on the Constitution held at Georgetown University and agree to teach one
year for each year of the fellowship.

The award is for a maximum of $24,000 or $12,000 per year.

  Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships

For those pursuing Ph.D. programs, awards are for one year.  Recipients
must turn down other awards of assistance.  Holders of Master's degrees are
not eligible except when the Master's degree is in a professional program,
the MA was terminal, or the MA is in a field substantially different than
the field in which candidate is seeking a Ph.D.

  Mitchell Scholarships

For students who wish to attend one institutions of higher learning in
Ireland who will complete their Bachelor's degree before their time of
study under a Mitchell scholarship.  Covers tuition, room, and offers a
stipend of $11,000.  There are no restrictions on the field of study,
but the proposed course of study must be available at the university
selected by the applicant.

Deadline for applications is in October.

  National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Offered to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in
careers in biomedical research.  Award is up to $20,000 per year for a
total of four years.  Fellowships are for tuition and "reasonable education
and living expenses".  For each year of the scholarship the student must
work for one year at NIH after graduation.  Recipients must also attend a
10-week summer laboratory session.

Applications are due in April.

  Rhodes Scholarships

Thirty-two US citizens are selected annually for study at Oxford.  Can be
used for a second Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree or towards a D.Phil.

  Rotary Scholarships

Offers three types of scholarships: Academic-Year Ambassadorial
Scholarships which provides funding for one academic year of study in
another country (up to $25,000); Multi-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships
which are for two or three years of degree-oriented study in another
country ($12,000/year); Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships for three or
six months of intensive language study and cultural immersion in another
country (between $12,000 - $19,000).

Deadlines range from March - July.  Students must apply through local Rotary
club, but Tom Venables is available for assistance.

  Soros Fellowships for New Americans

For recent immigrants who come to the United States from foreign countries,
particularly where there is turmoil and strife (i.e. Bosnia) designed to
help them pursue graduate or professional studies.  Covers half of the
tuition at school of choice of the applicant.

Deadline for applications is November 30.

Truman Scholarships

Designed to provide support for graduate study, this scholarship is geared
towards college juniors who are committed to careers in government, the
non-profit or advocacy sectors, education, or other public service careers.
The scholarship is worth $30,000; candidates must be nominated by their
campus representative.  In NB, Seth Gopin is the contact person.  In Newark
the contact is Dr. Elizabeth Hull.

The deadline for nominations is in late January.

  Udall Scholarships

Offers 75 scholarships to outstanding students who either are outstanding
sophomores or juniors who study the environment and related fields, or to
Native American and Alaskan Native students who have outstanding potential,
and are in fields related to health care or tribal public policy.

Students receive up to $5,000, or the cost of tuition, fees, room and
board, as well as books.  Freshmen and seniors are ineligible.

     American Association of University Women Scholarships

As the largest source of funding in the world exclusively for graduate women, the
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation in
2001-02 distributes more than $3.5 million in fellowships, grants, and awards. More
than a century after the first grant was awarded, the Foundation continues a dynamic
and distinguished tradition of advancing educational and career opportunities for all

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