PROFESSOR WOLL  (Robeson Library 298--225-6671 or awoll@camden)

Assigned Books: Erik Barnouw, Documentary
   Mark Carnes, ed., Past Imperfect
   Robert Brent Toplin, ed., Ken Burns’s The Civil War
   Bill Nichols, Representing Reality

* indicates films for class discussion

Additional hand-outs will be required

July 23     Introduction and Prehistory
       Barnouw, 1 & 2

July 24     Prehistory-2
       *Porter and Edison (Before the Nickelodeon)
        Nichols, 1 & 2

July 25     Dziga Vertov and Russian Kino Pravda
       *The Man with the Movie Camera

July 26     Robert Flaherty
       *Nanook of the North
       Nichols, 3

July 30     Planning session for this week’s presentations
       Nichols, 4
       Barnouw, 3 & 4

July 31     The British Documentary Movement
       *John Grierson films
        Baxendale and Pawling, “Narrating the Thirties” (Res)

August 1     New Deal Documentary
       *The Plow that Broke the Plains/The River
       “Ideology and Film Rhetoric”  (Res)

August 2     Leni Reifenstahl and the German Documentary
       *Triumph of the Will
       Nichols, 5 & 6

August 6     Frank Capra and American War Propaganda
       *War Comes to America
       “World War II--Armed Forces Documentary” (Res)

August 7     The Birth of Television Documentary: Murrow and See It Now
       *Harvest of Shame or Murrow/McCarthy

August 8     Fictional Film/Fictional History:  Past Imperfect
       Reading:   Past Imperfect, entire
       Paper #1 Due

August 9     What Is Cinema Verite?
       *Cinema Verite:  Defining the Moment
       Barnouw, 5 & 6

August 13      (Ken Burns’s) The Civil War and Broadcast Documentary
       Reading:  Toplin, ed., Ken Burns’s The Civil War
    *The Civil War

August 14-15     Final Class Presentations: Modern Trends in Documentary

Paper #2 due by September 7.  Assignment will be passed out the last day of class.

Grades:       Two papers:     100 points each
                  Class discussion and short assignments: 200 points

**Absence Penalty—Every absence subtracts 10 points from your total.