kill bill 
[Kill Bill, I]

Professor Allen Woll
Robeson Library 298
Ex. 6670/6671 or e-mail:  awoll@camden.rutgers.edu

Assigned Readings:    T. Schatz, The Genius of the System
                                P. Kael, “Raising Kane” (on e-reserve)
                                P. Biskind, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
                                G. Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks
                                Additional Hand-Outs

July 26              Introduction/From Silence to Sound
                                    Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, intro-59

July 27              Films in the Great Depression/The Production Code
                                    Schatz, Intro & Part I
                                    Read:  The Production Code
                                              or this version

July 28              The Dominance of the Studio System
                                    Schatz, Part II
                                    Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 61-93

July 29               The Cinematic Road to World War II
                                        Schatz, Part III & IV
                                                  Citizen Kane assignment will be distributed--due August 2                                    

August 2             Citizen Kane (1941) and the Auteur Theory

               [Note:  Students should see Citizen Kane on their own, and read
               "Raising Kane" by Pauline Kael before coming to class.  Citizen Kane
                assignment due when class begins]

                 How to set up e-reserve?   To find "Raising Kane", see below

August 3               The Cinema and World War II

August 4                Cinema in the McCarthy Era
                                         Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 95-153
                                         The Hollywood Blacklist

August 5              MIDTERM EXAM

August 9                Hollywood, Television, and the Disappearing Audience
                                          Schatz, Part V
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 154-193
                                                    Read:  "Hitchcock at 100"
                                          (You will have to register at the New York Times site) -- Read articles ("Is                                            that Ticking (pause) a Bomb?" and 4 reviews of Psycho (in left column))

August 10                    Hollywood in the 1960s/the New Ratings System
                                          Begin reading Biskind, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

August 11                 Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese and the Film School Generation
                                          Biskind, Easy Riders, (continue & complete)
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 194-259

August 12                   Modern Hollywood and the New Entertainment Conglomerates
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 311-352

August 16                     Independent Hollywood??
                                           Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, (complete)

August 17                         Final Exam

Grades: Midterm (40%)  [August 5]
Final (40%)  [August 17]
Citizen Kane Assignment  (20%--August 2)

***Attendance will be taken at 8:00.  Those arriving late three times or more will receive a 5% penalty.  Those absent three times or more will receive a 10% penalty.***

Selected Web Sites:

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Searching for information about specific films, directors, or actors?

For movie reviews?

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Finding "Raising Kane":

Go into Iris, Go into Reserve, Type in instructor's name  (WOLL), and click on instructor.  Click on View next to the one that says electonic reserve.  Then click on the URL of each part (there are 10) in order to see the entire article.  They can print for free from the labs, they need adobe to view it at home.  Or, they can check out book.