History of American Film I--50:512:389

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Professor Allen Woll
Robeson Library 298
Ex.  6671 or awoll@camden.rutgers.edu

Readings:    William K. Everson, American Silent Film
Neal Gabler,  An Empire of Their Own
Jeanine Basinger, Silent Stars

Readings from books in red below; web readings in blue below:

June 28
Introduction -- The Dilemma of Silent Cinema
Eadweard Muybridge I and Eadweard Muybridge II
Étienne-Jules Marey
and read and watch films--see bottom to navigate

Week I readings:  Everson, Chapters 1-4
Gabler, Intro, 1-3
June 29
The Lumiere Brothers and Early Cinema
June 30
Thomas Edison and American Cinema
July 1
Edwin Porter
July 5  (no class)

July 6
Early Griffith

Week 2 readings:  Everson, Chapters 5-7
Gabler, Chapters 4-5
Basinger, 3-136
July 7
Late Griffith
July 8
July 12
Birth of the Studio

Week 3 readings: Everson, Chapters 8-12
Gabler, Chapters 6-10
Basinger, 265-475
July 13
Independent Cinema  (Pickford and Fairbanks)
July 14
Silent Comedy--I
July 15
Silent Comedy - II
July 19
The Coming of Sound
Altman article
Dickson 1895 Experiment

Week 4 readings:  Everson, Chapters 13-19
Complete Basinger
July 20
The Legacy of Silence
July 21
July 22

Grades:  Midterm (7/8)  100 points
Final (7/22)  100 points
For extra credit:  You may create a film blog (worth up to 10 points)--see below

***Attendance will be taken at 8:00.  Those arriving late three times or more will receive a 5% penalty.  Those absent three times or more will receive a 10% penalty.

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