History of Spain Journal Assignment

1. Set up your journal on www.blogger.com, and then notify me of the address by e-mail (awoll@camden.rutgers.edu)

2. You should supply a journal entry for each day of your Spain trip.  Of course, while you are away, these entries do not need to be put on the web each day.  You can post what you have written when you return.  (You may also enter any thoughts you may have prior to the trip itself.)

3. You should observe all aspects of the cities that we will be visiting, and at the end of each day you should pose a question that you wish to answer when you return.  The questions may be a comparative nature (why does the business district of Philadelphia and Madrid seem so different?  Or why is the Bilbao Guggenheim so different from the museums in Madrid?  Why is the old city in Barcelona so different from the old city of Bilbao?  How do the Basque regions (Barcelona, Bilbao) differ from Central Spain [Madrid]), or may comment on the arts, food, culture, architecture, customs, etc.  When you return you should ponder each question, and post your own responses in your journal on the web.

While your initial journal entries may be impressionistic, you should try to research the answers to your questions and quote any source material you may be using for your responses.

4. The final product is due on May 1, 2001.

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