[Reservoir Dogs]

Professor Allen Woll
Robeson Library 298
Ex. 6670/6671 or e-mail:  awoll@camden.rutgers.edu

Assigned Readings:    T. Schatz, The Genius of the System
                                P. Kael, “Raising Kane” (on e-reserve)
                                P. Biskind, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
                                G. Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks
                                Additional Hand-Outs

January 16              Introduction/From Silence to Sound
                                    Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, intro-59

January 23              Films in the Great Depression/The Production Code
                                    Schatz, Intro & Part I
                                    Read:  The Production Code

January 30              The Dominance of the Studio System
                                    Schatz, Part II
                                    Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 61-93

February 6               The Cinematic Road to World War II
                                        Schatz, Part III & IV
                                              Citizen Kane assignment will be distributed.
                                        FILM:  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  (1939)

February 13             Citizen Kane (1941) and the Auteur Theory

                     [Note:  Students should see Citizen Kane on their own, and read
                 “Raising  Kane” (on e-reserve) before coming to class.  Citizen Kane

                 How to use e-reserve?

                                    FILM: The Magnificent Ambersons  (1942)

February 20               The Cinema and World War II

                                      FILM:  Casablanca  (1942)

February 27                Cinema in the McCarthy Era
                                         Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 95-153
                                         HUAC Transcripts (Hand-out)

March 13              SPRING VACATION

March 20               MIDTERM EXAM

March 27                Hollywood, Television, and the Disappearing Audience
                                          Schatz, Part V
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 154-193
                                                    Read:  "Hitchcock at 100"
                                          (You will have to register at the New York Times site)
                                          FILM:  Either Vertigo or Rear Window

April 3                     Hollywood in the 1960s/the New Ratings System
                                          Begin reading Biskind, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

April 10                    Spielberg, Lucas, Scorsese and the Film School Generation
                                          Biskind, Easy Riders, (continue & complete)
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 194-259

April 17                    Modern Hollywood and the New Entertainment Conglomerates
                                          Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, 311-352

April 24                     Independent Hollywood??
                                           Merritt, Celluloid Mavericks, (complete)

Grades: Midterm (40%)  [March 6]
Final (40%)  [during exam week]
Citizen Kane Quiz (20%--due February 13)
For extra credit:  You may create a film blog (worth up to 10 points)  [See below for information]

Selected Web Sites:

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Searching for information about specific films, directors, or actors?

Creating a Blog?

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Midterm Study Sheet

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